Bajaur admin bans aerial firing on ‘Chand Raat’, sale of toy guns




The Bajaur Agency administration has imposed ban on aerial firing on Chand Raat (Night before Eid) and sale of toy guns and firecrackers across the agency.

An official of the administration told that the decision to ban aerial firing and sale of toy guns and others explosives materials in the agency was taken during a meeting of the senior officials with political agent Abdul Amir Khattak in the chair. The participants showed their satisfaction over the law and order situation in the agency during Ramzan.

However the senior officials stressed the need to further increase security measures in the agency during Eid days. The participants of the meeting decided to further increase security of mosques and Eidgahs across the agency to thwart any untoward incident during Eid days in the region.

The official said the meeting approved a complete ban on sale of all kinds of explosive materials in the agency till further orders. Strict action would be taken against the violators.

The political agent on the occasion directed the officials to strictly implement the decision in order to maintain peaceful environment in the agency. Meanwhile people from all walks of life have welcomed the ban on firing in the air and sale of toy guns and others prohibited materials in the agency.