Punjab to get modern healthcare facilities


LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif presided over a three-hour meeting which evaluated the implementation of ongoing projects for better health facilities.

During the meeting, an inquiry report of chickenpox occurrences at Faisalabad was presented to him. Addressing the meeting, Shehbaz Sharif said that chickenpox is a chronic disease and negligence of concerned authorities regarding its spread is tragic.

The chief minister directed the chief secretary to submit a report after determination of those responsible for such negligence and devise an effective strategy to control such viral ailments. He said that the successful anti-dengue programme should serve as a model to combat other diseases as well.

The CM also accorded approval to the establishment plan of gastrointestinal teaching units and hepatitis clinics in autonomous medical institutions of the province. He said that this venture is of indispensable significance and it has to move forward expediently.

He said that 40 tehsil and district headquarters hospitals of Punjab are furnished with latest medical facilities while reforms will be brought in 85 more hospitals in the second phase. He said that the Hepatitis Control Programme needs to move forward effectively; besides treatment, precautionary measures are equally critical for its control.

He further said that a paramedical staff is the spine of medical care and their training needs to be revised with expertise from Turkey. The CM said that improvement of training institutes according to modern trends is the need of an hour.

He said that good performance will be encouraged and poor performance will be held accountable and to bring transparency in this system and committees should be established at division and district levels to address public complaints.

The Rescue 1122 should also be incorporated in this programme and every needful step should be taken to bring betterment in the healthcare system. He said that serving the ailing humanity is the noblest deed which promises tremendous reward so we should vigilantly work with determination to redress the sufferings of humanity.

He also directed for the setting up of the cardiac units in different cities of the province.