Previous governments and public did not heed to energy conservation, says Asif


No attention was paid by either public or government on saving electricity, said Federal Minister for Water and Power Khawaja Asif in an interview to a private media outlet.

He said that the focus has been on inauguration of new plants.

“I emphasized on saving electricity but nobody cared. We (ruling party) want public to know regularly that a new plant is being inaugurated”, minister added.

Mr Asif said that loss of electricity is the chief reason behind energy shortages.

“Around 3000MW to 4000MW of electricity would be saved if public uses electricity in a rightful manner instead of squandering it. Unfortunately, no attention is paid to this issue,” asserted Asif.

Expressing confidence, Mr Asif further said that electricity shortages would be uprooted this year. Regardless of the capacity he warned that power cuts would take place in areas where electricity theft is common.

He said that 20-hour long power cuts are for those areas where 90 percent of residents do not pay their electricity bills.

As far as debt recoveries are concerned Mr Asif said that the ministry had collected Rs 27 billion from Sindh. No issues pertained in the case of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

“However, issue of debt recovery exists with Balochistan,” articulated Asif.

Asif apprised that ruling party had paid Rs480 billion in terms of circular debts but it had soared to Rs360 billion once again.

Federal minister labelled ‘unrealistic tariff and lesser subsidy’ reasons behind existing circular debts.


  1. What a pathetic joke from a renowned joker. Charity begins at home, look at your pathetic transmission loss figures, they are absolutely way above anywhere else in the world (I don’t mean power theft but actual transmission losses), they make enegry conservation by the consumer a sick joke. Energy wasters are the politicians and their cronies with tampered meters and even then they don’t pay their bills. Pakistan has a very high percentage of poor, they either have no electric power or it is limited to most elementary consumption limited to a couple of 60W light bulbs..

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