Indian citizen Uzma submits reply in IHC, maintains she was forced into marriage


ISLAMABAD: Indian citizen Uzma has said that she was forced into marriage in her reply that she submitted to Islamabad High Court on Friday.

In the six page long reply she has reiterated her earlier claims that she was forced to sign the Nikkahnama [nikkah papers]. She also states that Tahir’s affidavit is based on lies.

The reply was submitted by Barrister Shahnawaz on behalf of Uzma.

Next hearing for this case has been scheduled on May 21.The case of Indian citizen Uzma’s marriage to Pakistani man Tahir became more confusing as it was unraveled in front of the media.

It came to the forefront after her husband claimed that Indian High Commission has stopped her wife from leaving the premises during their visit to apply for visa on May 7.

Uzma, 20, sought refuge at the Indian High Commission last week asked to be repatriated to India after her marriage to Tahir Ali, a resident of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, claiming she came to know later that Ali was already married and had four children. Her claims were denied by Tahir.

On May 9, the Pakistani foreign office said Uzma would only be sent back once all legal requirements in the case are completed.

Uzma, who belongs to New Delhi, and Tahir met each other in Malaysia, after which she travelled to Pakistan on May 1 via the Wagah border, and got married to him on May 3, according to Tahir.

The complicated case took another turn as Uzma’s brother on Tuesday reiterated her earlier claims of travelling to Pakistan.

However, these claims were challenged by her husband, who even provided details of a private conversation in which Uzma seemed to know about his first marriage.

Moreover, their Nikkah video also surfaced in which there were no signs of violence or intimidation.