Governor Zubair initiates polio eradication drive


KARACHI: Sindh Governor Muhammad Zubair on Saturday inaugurated the National Immunisation Drive by administering polio drops to children at a ceremony held at the Governor House in Karachi.

Muhammad Zubair, on the occasion, urged the parents to help protect their children from this crippling disease.

During the three-day, around 8.8 million children of up to five years of age would be administered polio drops.

In Karachi, the number is 2.3 million and 27,896 teams would perform this task.

The Sindh governor was of the view that reaching all the children of up to five years of age is a challenge. However, this target would have to be achieved.

He said that owing to collaboration between the government and various institutions, no polio case has emerged in Karachi since January 2016. The last polio case in the districts in the province had come to the fore in November 2016.

Zubair congratulated the concerned institutions but stressed that efforts should continue so that polio is completed eradicated from the province.

He pointed out that the federal government is committed to eradicating polio from the country so that foreign investors should not hesitate to visit.

Polio plus Committee Chairman Aziz Memon said, on the occasion that repeated anti-polio drive had helped towards containing polio in the region.