PPP frames ‘result-oriented’ electoral plan to clean-sweep next general elections



Gilani pins hope on Bilawal

Former prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilani has said that the Pakistan People’s Party’s (PPP) central leadership has finalised a new electoral strategy for gaining the unprecedented electoral victory in South Punjab in the next general elections.

“We would do miracles here and thus the PPP would turn the national electoral scenario in its favour,” he said it while talking to Pakistan Today. In the next general elections, he pointed out that the party would come forward in a different way as compare to the last general elections.

“Now our hands are untied and we would fight the elections with full political force and support without any fear, pressure and hesitation”, he added. Gilani indicated that the current rulers could not attract the people of South Punjab as they failed to keep their promises made to the people.

The people of South Punjab are now fully aware that the current rulers are inept and can’t actually solve the problems of the masses, he added.

He said, “It is an undeniable fact that these rulers could not even establish the semi-civil secretariat of Punjab here, but we would transform this province into a new one by resolving their problems and providing equal opportunities for development to the masses”.

Expressing his party’s new electoral political strategy’s salient features, Gilani said that “we have learnt a lot from our long electoral fights so now we are well aware of how to fight and win the electoral war in the presence of sharifs who are the master of winning the elections by their “speciality”. In the coming general elections, we would fight on a scientific basis by adopting somewhat different individual fair patterns”.

The political researchers and scientists made a deep and comprehensive study of party’s political rivals, their political policies, electoral tactics and their results, so in the light of all these factors the party has been preparing a result-oriented electoral plan to win the next general elections, Gilani added.

He further claimed that there existed a big gap in Punjab’s politics and the PPP was in a strong position to fill this gap by applying a newly framed strategy. He further said that the PPP would present such an effective, attractive and impressive political programme that all the people of this area would happily be ready to award their votes in favour of the Pakistan People’s Party.

“Our policy makers are at work day and night and by analysing the current political and economic situation of the country and the urgent, basic inevitable requirements of the people, they are giving our party manifesto a new shape for the resolution of health, educational, social, and economic problems,” Gilani disclosed.

The former PM pinned hope on Bilawal Bhutto and said that “PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is the youngest leader of the country who is very popular among the youth, and will hopefully attract their support in the elections.”

The former prime minister was of the view that his party strongly believed in a fair electoral process and maintaining a certain level of dignity in politics as opposed to the other parties.

“We always honour the people’s will and their wishes,” he concluded.