Burnt minor girl needs govt financial support




The doctors at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) Burn Center are likely to amputate the electrocuted hand of a five-year-old girl Sanaya Abbasi on Thursday in order to save her life because the tissues are dead and her hand will start rotting.

The little angel Sanaya, daughter of deaf and dump parents, was greatly shocked with the unfortunate news that the doctors are to amputate her hand. “How I will talk to my deaf and dump parents if my one hand is amputated,” she asked the doctors standing there whose eyes filled with tears with her simple but heart-wrenching question.

On March 16, 2016, Sanaya went to the roof of her rented house located at Al-Noor Colony near Khana Pul for playing when she came in contact with 11,000 KV high voltage wire dangerously dangling near her house.

She suffered severe burn injuries at her right hand and was rushed to nearby Center Hospital Rawalpindi, but due to non-availability of sufficient treatment facilities for burn victims, doctors referred her to PIMS burn center – the only state-of-the-art burn center in the country – and she was hospitalized for over two weeks.

When doctors told Lehrasat, Sanaya’s grandfather, who is in late 60s, that her granddaughter’s hand is likely to be amputated due to complications with the wounds and dead tissue, the stored tears continued to flow and the sobs wracked his body, robbing it of the ability to speak.

Talking to Pakistan Today, Lehrasat said that she was the beauty of his house because she was quite obedient and very talented baby and quickly added that she got second position in prep in the recently-announced school results despite the fact she could not appear in the last paper due to the unfortunate incident.

The grieved grandfather said that it would make life more challenging for her if her hand is amputated.

Sanaya’s aunt said that her family was very poor and she has no brother, as they were only two sisters and Sanaya is elder. “Being a very poor family the government should provide some financial support to the family so as she could continue her study, because she is quite talented student and wanted to become a doctor,” she demanded, as her eyes filled with tears.

Talking to Pakistan Today, doctors at the Burn Center said that they were trying their level best to save her hand from amputation but since she was in critical condition and most probably her hand would be amputated.

They said that the center would write a letter to the IESCO for its negligence so as to stop reoccurrence of such unfortunate incidents in the future and to ensure some compensation for the poor victim family.

An official from the Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) said it was very serious issue as children were often electrocuted due to wire hanging near the houses and added that these kinds of incidents could only be avoided by underground wiring.