Terror bid to target Jaffar Express thwarted in Balochistan


DERA MURAD JAMALI: A terror bid to target “Jaffar Express” was thwarted by the Frontier Force and other law enforcement agencies here on Tuesday.

According to details, the terrorists planted an indigenously made bomb at the railway track. On receipt of information, Police summoned the Bomb Disposal Squad which defused the bomb.

A spokesman for the FC confirmed that the terrorists wanted to target the Jaffar Express. The FC, however, began a search operation for the terrorists but no arrests could be made.

Terrorists have been targeting the railway track as they can do so without any fear of being challenged by the law enforcement agencies.

At least one passenger was killed and several others injured as a remote-controlled bomb hit the Jaffar Express in Balochistan’s Sibi district in April last year. On 17th November 2015 at least 15 people were killed and over 100 injured when Rawalpindi-bound train Jaffar Express was derailed near Aab-e-Gum area of Bolan district in Balochistan.