Kabul blasts could be possible chemical attacks: Indian Defence Minister


NEW DELHI: Indian Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar has termed the blasts in Kabul as possible chemical attacks.

While addressing a speech at the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO), Parrikar said, “As per the reports which are coming from the southern and northern parts of Afghanistan, I have seen photographs of the local population suffering from blisters and some chemical weapons. At this moment, I don’t have confirmation on this matter but the photos were quite distressing.”

He continued, “Though we have not faced nuclear or chemical attacks, but we will have to be prepared at every moment to deal with the issue.”

The minister also asserted that Indian army is alert and prepared for any incident.

16 people were killed Wednesday in simultaneous Taliban suicide assaults on two security compounds in Kabul, as the insurgents’ ramp up attacks even before the start of their annual spring offensive.

Dozens of others were wounded as explosions and gunfire echoed through the capital, in a day of carnage that underscores rising insecurity in Afghanistan over the resurgent Taliban.