PIA suspends pilot over safety regulations breach


KARACHI:  PIA suspended a pilot after reports confirmed that he flew an overloaded plane from Karachi to Madina, and passengers were forced to stand in the aisle for the whole three-hour-long flight.

Passengers with handwritten boarding cards were left confused as the Boeing 777 prepared for takeoff on January 20. Although the plane had a seating arrangement for only 409 passengers, there were around 416 on board the flight, PK-743, to Medina.

Capt Anwer Adil, who operated the flight, has been suspended and has been verbally informed of the decision, according to reports.

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  1. This is real Pakistan, where no rules no laws, criminals are treated like VIPs, what is wrong with this nation.

  2. This pilot was rehired on contract after retirement although in the past a scrutiny revealed that he submitted a fake degree at time of initial recruitment. PIA should sack him and not try to cover up. When first reported the management had not taken any action because he held a GM assignment and was politically well connected.

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