Sindh IG orders cops to ensure ban on rallies, foolproof security under Section 144


KARACHI: Sindh Inspector General A.D Khawaja on Monday directed the police officers to ensure ban on rallies and foolproof security of markets and transport under Section 144 in Karachi.

In a statement, the police officer ordered to carry out indiscriminate action against extremists and terrorists. He also directed district SSPs to monitor anti-terrorism operation in their areas.

Heavy contingent of security officers will be on standby all the time, he added.

The Sindh IG said that special task would be given to cater any untoward situation. He also suggested to involve youth in patrolling and snap checking.


  1. Knowing performance and mindset of Sindh and Punjab police, they will do what they are trained and instructed to do by their political masters, provide fools security to fool the people instead of fool proof security.

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