Jamaat-ul-Ahrar gives details of its targets in a video

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TTP Jamaat-ul-Ahrar (JA) has released a video announcing the launch of “Operation Ghazi” in the honour of Maulvi Ghazi Abdul Rasheed who was killed in July 2007 by Pakistan Army inside Lal Masjid, Islamabad.

The chief of Jamaat-ul-Ahrar also appealed to other religious groups to form a united front, wherein he would be ready to fight as an ordinary fighter, a possible hint of rejoining the main TTP of Fazl Ullah group. The main TTP and Waziristan Mehsud Taliban (Sajna Group) have already merged on Feb 02, 2017.

TTP-JA has already claimed the Chaman (Balochistan) blast on FC jointly with Lashkar-e-Jhangvi’s (LeJ) Al-Alami; and blast in Kurram Agency on 21 Jan, 2017 claimed by LeJ Al-Alami that they claim was their combined work with Shahryar group of Mehsud Taliban, which means these factions have already joined hands together.

The TTP JA claimed that the previous Operation Saut-al-Raad (Sound of Thunder), which was aimed at hit and run tactics, had achieved its targets and that now it was time to launch big operations. TTP-JA has already started this by launching big scale attacks on three Pakistan Army check posts in Baizai (border area with Afghanistan) simultaneously claiming to have inflicted heavy losses onto the Pakistan Army, while conceding that two of its fighters were killed and three injured.

Police sources, talking to Pakistan Today, revealed that law enforcement agencies are now expecting some large scale attacks in Mohmand Agency, Bajaur Agency and Peshawar on the LEAs while sectarian minorities will be targeted too. Shia community-dominated areas in KP/FATA and Quetta in Balochistan will be likely targets of these attacks.

Targets that have been named by TTP-JA for Operation Ghazi

  • All legislative bodies, which means parliament and all provincial assemblies, and possibly local bodies.
  • Pakistan Army, intelligence agencies and its supporting institutions, which may be police, Levies, FC, Pakistan Air Force (PAF) etc.
  • Judiciary and its supporting institutions i.e., lawyers’ bodies and lawyers’ organisations.
  • Interest-based economic institutions i.e., banks and financial institutions. Secular political parties, which has come to mean, more or less, all political parties with exception of only a few (not all) Islamic political parties.
  • Anti-Islamic ideology constructive and welfare organisations which the militants believe are involved in spreading vulgarity. Police sources say that this refers to the INGOs/NGOs and Civil Society Organisations involved in advocacy of human rights, women rights and community awareness campaigns.
  • Who promote themselves as contenders of blasphemy, which police sources say refers to some liberal writers and liberal political leaders/workers.
  • Media persons who propagate for the benefits of our enemies i.e., Pakistan Army, government etc. These are top of the list of the targets. Practically these include most of the media persons and media houses.
  • Aman Lashkar (pro government armed militias) and Aman Committees (peace committees).
  • Educational institutions providing strength and support to the governments, excluding common educational institutions. Police sources say that this refers to all the English medium private schools, colleges and universities which are running co-educational institutions.
  • In the video, the militant organisation has claimed that it will not target crowded places, like market, hospitals, mosques or other processions. It remains to be seen whether they will refrain from attacking the same, because even these targets have hit by the organisation in the past.


  1. This is not terrorism in Pakistan…..this is INDIRISM or HINDURISM…….you cannot control the people of IOKashmir and try to take the heat out on us………wait for your turn……its natures law “WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND”

    • totally agreed but if you look at bigger picture – purpose of destabilizing Pakistan at any cost is to contain china- which is their ultimate goal after fake 9-11 now how they are dong it for 20 years is pretty uh successful create artificial war in Afghanistan to block iran china route- now in Pakistan they are sending these so called taliban groups which are bought like animals in afghanistan for few $ then trained armed funded by cia mossad & Raw to create law and order situation where they want and later blame on any country and religion they want to intertwine- but thanks God china knows this & continuous to strengthen relation with Pakistan
      One cpec is operational US and its allies have no choice but to leave- they bomb blast in iran and try to blame on pakistan and in pakistan they bomb blast and try to blame iran & afghanistan so their overall mission to beak pakistan in 4 piece by bringing war from iran and afghanistan is mission failed already- So its just a matter of time now when you will hear Us is leaving afghanistan- Pakistan is too powerful for them to break- like they easily did iraq so called weapons of mass destruction – Lebanon-lybia-somalia-sudan- syria sofar failed to intertwine by false flag chemical weapons but using ISIS & alquaida instead of taliban- Iran they failed to intertwine too powerful-Turkey they tried through bomb blasts but failed- Afghanistan false flag Osama Taliban company but now their mission is failed- Pakistan they are dong terrorism but its not working all sent terrorists are caught or either dead and those left are hiding in indian consulates back in afghanistan- So i see bright future of Pakistan

  2. Madrassahs established by Zia ul Haq to train Taliban for Afghan war are now operating against its own createors and masters. Zia made money, so did every other ruler by selling these young minds to American forces to fight Russians in Afghanistan and then to Saudis for spreading their dominance against Shias in Pakistan. Now they are out of control. As far as RAW is concerned, they are as intelligent as they think to operate so easily in Pakistan. They have hundreds of insurgencies and freedom fights going on in India which are already beyond their control

  3. Go to kashmir for jihad pakistani all people are inocent i never say muslim to this people becouse they come and fight for money

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