World gone berserk


Should we, too, prepare for the apocalypse?

This planet has become a madhouse. There is a profusion of chaos and confusion. There is hardly any place that can be termed “at peace”.

The leader in this episode that depicts monumental insanity is none other than the US of A which is the self appointed international policeman. Instead of sorting out its domestic affairs, it is more concerned with making the rest of the world in its own image. One reads the news that Donald Trump, the president elect, may be assassinated before his inauguration and that the CIA is drawing plans to impeach him even before he takes over. There is talk of a coup and despite absence of any evidence, there is talk of teaching Russia a lesson for interfering in the election system of USA. There is news almost daily of policemen killing unarmed persons somewhere in the country for no reason. Their economy is in doldrums and poverty and unemployment have increased. Rather than attending to these problems, their troops are in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, not to mention the bombing of poor Yemen in order to show solidarity and affinity with Saudi Arabia. Their love for Israel and indifference to the plight of Palestine is also evident as they have increased the defence aid to Israel. For some insane reason, they are bent upon regime change in Syria despite the fact that most of the population of Syria is with President Assad. For this purpose, false news items are being created and lies are being fed to the people.

The cohorts of USA, such as Great Britain, France and certain other European countries, are with their boss. Even the UNO has been made a puppet in the hands of USA. The worst of all is that USA has not been able to foster peace in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen etc.

In the continent of Africa, there is conflict between North and South Sudan, terrorism in Nigeria, Kenya, DR Congo, Libya, Egypt etc and unrest in Gambia and Ivory Coast. In the continent of South America, there is unrest in Venezuela and some other countries.

In the Middle East, apart from the turmoil in Syria, another factor is the surreptitious financial aid that is being given to Israel by Saudi Arabia. They have chosen to ignore the fact that they should be on the side of the helpless people of Palestine.

In Asia, Pakistan and India are exchanging statements full of venom and belligerence in addition to occasional exchange of fire on the Line of Control (LOC). Burma is indulging in the genocide of the Rohingya Muslims, Duturte of Philippines is not mincing his words in castigating USA and its president, there is tension between North and South Korea and China has disregarded the ruling of the International Court of Justice regarding South China Sea while Russia is involved in helping Syria to get rid of ISIL. Turkey has set aside its relationship with USA and chosen to side with Russia.

On top of all that, the internet is full of news and videos of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) seen in different parts of the world. There is news of UFOs at the bottom of an ocean. Strange lights have been seen and there is a plethora of news regarding abnormal and para-normal phenomena. There are UFOs on the dark side of the moon, even Mars. The infamous Area 51 in Nevada, USA is considered as the place where humans and aliens are working together. In fact, aliens have been seen in the area and there are videos to that effect.

The Australian Continent is comparatively safe and at peace because of its location, but it may not be long before it is also engulfed in terrorist activities. Although I am not aware of all the signs that point to the end of the world but whatever is happening on the planet is a sure sign that the end is not far.



  1. typical from a pakistani columnist. without looking into their own backyard they are happy pointing
    fingers at others,

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