Modi threatens to render Pakistan barren



Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in an outrageous statement on Friday said that water which belongs to India cannot be allowed into Pakistan.

He was addressing the farmers in Indian Punjab on Friday, the Indian Express reported. “The fields of our farmers must have adequate water. ‘Water that belongs to India cannot be allowed to go to Pakistan. The government will do everything to give enough water to our farmers’, he said.

“The water on which India has its right is flowing into Pakistan. I am committed to stopping that water and bring it to our farmers in Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir and the rest of India,” Modi told a public rally. Modi also asked farmers to stop burning crops which were thought to be responsible for smog in Indian and Pakistan.

Expressing his surprise that the water sharing issue had not been taken up by previous Indian governments, Modi said: “The governments slept in Delhi in the past. Our farmers kept crying and the water kept going to Pakistan. We will fight for the rights of our farmers.”

“The Indus Water Treaty, Sutlej, Beas, Ravi – the water of all three rivers, over which our farmers have their right, is not available to them. The water of these rivers is the right of India and our farmers. This water is passing through Pakistan into the sea. Neither Pakistan uses it nor our farmers are able to use.”

“I am moving ahead with conviction and have set up a task force on Indus Water Treaty,” Modi said.

The two countries signed the Indus Water Treaty in 1960 which govern how water will be distributed between the two countries. According to the treaty, India controls the Baes, Ravi and Sutlej rivers, while Indus, Chenab and Jhelum rivers are controlled by Pakistan.



  1. Atom Bonb can take you so far… but will not get water. Once Modi diverts water, then no Government be it be Muslim Congress Party will be able to divert back to Pakistan. There is no chance that Kashmir Territory will merge with Pakistan.. tomorrow Modi may say that those Muslims who do not like India move to Pakistan. What will Pakistan do.. refuse to accept as Bangladesh is doing with Mynamar Muslim.

  2. Once people elect crazy nuts like Modi, Chai wala, one can expect these type of things. The problem with this chai wala is that he wants to finish Pakistan but he knows he cannot do that because if he goes that route India will also finish with it. His frustrations are driving him insane, look at What he did with the currency notes without proper planning and now it's a freaking chaos in India, but that's what you expect from a chai wala.

  3. If one closes all the doors and windows to stop cat to go outside, it would certainly jump on you. Let Modi do that, we will cerainly do whatever we can do.

  4. To Ibrahim:
    This clearly reflects the ignorance of Pakistani Muslims and may the SE Muslims in general, India has always been a peaceful country with abundance and the Barbaric nomads Muslims under the pretext of spreading Islam started looting other culture and now to treat them as heroes and telling the neighbors that they can be subject to similar atrocities in itself is idiotic because you and the rest of 99.9% of the Muslims are converted either forcefully or for getting better social acceptance as most of the converted were from the 'lower-cast' Hindus!

    • But the low cast Hindus who converted are no longer low cast, they are equal. The problem is that Hindu religion is not fit for modern age.

      • This isn't the issue of which is more backward religion 'Einstein', besides see around how world looks at Islam now? It is sad that people of pakistan were subject to the barbaric atrocities from these nomadic arab and other muslim tribes that looted, raped and destroyed our very rich culture and heritage!

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