Breast cancer awareness bicycle ride


Pink Ribbon is a campaign that aims to increase awareness regarding breast cancer, its cure, and detection. On Sunday, the twin cycling communities Critical Mass Lahore (CML), and the Canal Cyclists Community (CCC) came together to support Pink Ribbon by arranging a bicycle ride from Model Town to Liberty wearing pink t-shirts.

Pakistan has the highest rate of breast cancer in Asia. One out of every nine women in Pakistan is at a risk of breast cancer. Prevalence of breast cancer is the highest amongst all the cancers in Pakistan with 38.5 percent of all cancer cases being cases of breast cancer. Every year 40,000 women are killed in Pakistan because of it.

Fortunately, breast cancer can be detected and cured at a very early stage. Therefore, it is important to focus on prevention rather than cure, since breast cancer, if diagnosed early, can increase the survival rate to more than 90 percent.

Currently, the Pink Ribbon campaign is spreading awareness through information and material nationwide. It also sensitises girls and women by arranging various events and activities that create a direct interaction.

Such rides and other visible campaigns are important in spreading awareness among the public and reminding policy makers to prioritize certain issues.