Students, parents demand removal of ‘corrupt, sexual predator’ Saint Mary’s Academy principal

  • Multiple letters written to Minister for Human Rights Kamran Michael demand resignation of Principal Napoleon Gomez, accusing him of corruption and coercing female staff into extending sexual favors
  • Gomez denies all accusations, says he is being punished for being honest

Accusing him of corruption, inefficiency and discrimination against female teachers, Rawalpindi Christian Wing has demanded immediate removal of Saint Mary’s Academy Principal Napoleon Gomez in a letter addressed to Minister of Human Rights Kamran Micheal.

The letter, a copy of which is available with Pakistan Today, refers to Gomez as “corrupt, a man of dubious character,” and a “curse for students and teachers of the school.”

“Female teachers are being coerced into extending sexual favors and many teachers hailing from poor families have fallen victim. Teachers who have been teaching for the past 20 to 25 years have left their jobs due to the behavior of principal,” the letter reads, adding that the school had also failed to produce good results while other missionary schools were delivering results.

The letter further says that “Old teachers are quitting in droves and discrimination has become a routine matter. If no action is taken soon, the parents will have no other option but to remove their children from the school.”

Minister Kamran Michael had referred the matter to Rufin Anthony, Bishop of Rawalpindi-Islamabad to enquire into the matter last month. Unfortunately, Bishop Rufin died on October 17 but in a letter addressed to Micheal, Rufin had promised to do the needful.

When contacted, Robin, secretary to Kamran Michael said he had received multiple complaints from various parents and staff members. But since the Bishop Rufin had died recently, the inquiry was under progress and due action would be taken.

When Pakistan Today contacted Principal Napoleon Gomez of Saint Mary’s Academy, Rawalpindi for a comment he denied all the charges levied against him. ‘These complaints are fabricated and there is no truth in them,” he said. Principal Napoleon also said that the complaints were filed by anonymous people and carried no signatures. “Anonymous letters warrant no action at all. There are always those who want undue favors and when they are denied, the launch a smear campaign against the one who follows the rules,” he said. When asked whether he is aware of those who might be behind all this, Principal Napoleon said that he follows rules and regulations and had no idea about those behind the campaign.


  1. I personally don’t believe a word of this story.He was a great teacher back in our days and when I met him last month as a principal he’s even more better and is trying to get things done in a proper manner so for me he was a legend and still is.

  2. This is all rubbish. Sir Neplolean is a nice decent experience d teacher.

    He is one of the best teacher .

  3. I did my matric in 1989, Sir Napoleon was one of the best teacher We had at that time though he was new comer but his dedication towards teaching was great.These allegations are I am sure not true as many students dislike him because of his strict admintration.Sir you doing a great job as I met him with few of my old class fellows few months back.

  4. Yes no doubt he is a best teacher. Ab to her achay bandy ko he bura keh ker apna maqsad pura kiya ja raha ha.

  5. I agree with Sohail Abbasi, this all may have been fabricated because he is a strict teacher. I have no doubt about his dedication and devotion to the school. The teacher is there since last almost 30 years and always worked for the upbringing and betterment of school.

  6. This is absurd. He is a very nice person and a strict administrator such person is not liked by majority of people.

  7. Sir Napoleon is great teacher , administrator !!! All comments are showing true picture of this letter! Diocesan concern people must realize this….We need such good administrators, leaders in our community like Sir Napoleon… We must support him at any level!

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