Pervaiz lauds Ulema’s role in projection of Islam’s true face


Minister for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Senator Pervaiz Rashid on Sunday lauded the efforts of Ulema (religious scholars) for projecting the true image of Islam in the world.

“In the past, threats to Islam were clear as these were from non-Muslims but the situation is quite different today. Unfortunately, there are some people in our ranks today who go to the mosques like us, using the same (Muslim) names but actually they are strayed. It has become a real challenge to identify them, put them once again on the right track and save the humanity from them,” the minister said while addressing the Harmian Sharifain Ittehad-e-Ummat Conference at the Convention Centre here.

Rashid said that Ulema through their writings and preaching could help in identifying and putting such strayed individuals back on the right path. “That is why I believe this conference deserves congratulations and thanks as this is being held at a time when the Muslim Ummah is facing the toughest challenge of its history,” he said.

The minister said it was regrettable that some individuals in the garb of Islam were challenging Muslim holy places and even contemplate to attack the most sacred sites, including Masjid-e- Nabawi and Khana Ka’aba, but in fact “they are being misled by our enemies”. “But, despite becoming tools in their (enemies’) hands and having  provided the sources, I want to tell them they will never succeed  even casting an evil eye on our holy places,” he asserted.

Rashid pointed out that the presidential campaign in the United States, world’s most powerful country, was revolving around the Muslims. “The basic point of their campaign is not the US economy, imposition or relaxation of taxes or foreign policy, but the Muslims,” he added.

“One presidential candidate believes the Muslims are terrorists and they should be expelled from the US, while the other, who is female, believes that the Muslims are not terrorists and they have every right to live in America like others,” the information minister said.

“The former’s thought is driven by hate and bias promoted by strayed individuals, while the latter’s thought and principals have been guided by the efforts of our Ulema, who have shown the true face of Islam to the world through their teachings,” the minister added.

Rashid further said that the female candidate had the bright chances to win the elections. “And the credit for that goes to our Ulema, who have constantly been conveying the message to the world that Islam is a peaceful religion and the killing of a person is equal to killing the whole mankind,” he added.

Pervaiz Rashid said Muslims were united to save not only their religion, states and holy places but would also fulfill their duty to save life and property of each and every individual of the world according to the teachings of Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Later talking to media, the minister said Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan should pay attention to solve the problems of people of Khyber Pakthunkhwa instead of giving proposals regarding the Punjab province.