Issue of IHK is not India’s internal matter, says PM Nawaz


Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Wednesday (today) remarked that Kashmir issue is the main pillar of Pakistan’s foreign policy.

Speaking at the concluding session of the three-day conference of Pakistani envoys in Islamabad, the Prime Minister stated that desire of freedom is running in the blood of Kashmiris.

He urged the envoys to convey a message to the world that Kashmir issue is not the internal matter of India.

Nawaz Sharif enunciated his vision for regional and global peace, Pakistan’s outreach to its neighbouring countries for regional stability and development.

The Prime Minister also emphasised the need for addressing challenges facing the country before they complicate further.

Earlier, Adviser to the Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz said that an ‘objective assessment’ of Pakistan’s foreign relations since the PML-N government came to power “does not support the view projected in sections of the media that Pakistan is being isolated and its foreign policy lacks direction”.

While concluding session of the envoys’ conference, Sartaj Aziz highlighted some of Pakistan’s ‘monumental’ foreign policy achievements over the past three years.

According to Aziz, Pakistan’s foreign policy achievements include CPEC, Pak-China ties, Casa-1000 power project, Tapi gas pipeline and other projects.

Pakistan’s second greatest foreign policy achievement since the PML-N came to power is enhanced cooperation with Central Asian republics in the form of the Casa-1000 power project and the Tapi gas pipeline ─ construction on which began in May 2016 and December 2015 respectively ─ and restoration of air links with C. Asian countries, Aziz said.

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Envoys including Ambassador Jalil Abbas Jilani (Washington DC), Ambassador Masood Khalid (Beijing), High Commissioner Abdul Basit (New Delhi), Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi (UN New York), Ambassador Ayesha Riyaz (Vienna), Ambassador Naghmana Hashmi (Brussels / EU), Ambassador Abrar Hussain (Afghanistan), Ambassador Tehmina Janjua (UN/Geneva) and Ambassador Qazi M. Khalilullah (Moscow) attended the conference.

The Envoys’ Conference is a regular feature in which Pakistan’s representatives in various regions brief the government on important developments in their respective areas of accreditation, and challenges and opportunities arising out of such developments, says a press release.

The envoys also present their recommendations towards existing foreign policy with a view to reviewing, adapting and recalibrating policy in accordance with the prevalent strategic, political and economic trends. Last year’s Envoys’ Conference focused on connectivity and regional issues and developments.

The three-day conference of Pakistani envoys in important capitals of the world, as well as multilateral organisations, is being convened on the directives of the prime minister.



  1. Very good statement by PM Nawaz Sheriff. He emphasized the Kashmir is the pillar of Pakistan's foreign policy. He also explained that out reach of Pakistan to its neighbours. Now for the last few months, LET and Jaish have out reached India in Kashmir, Taliban have out reached Afghanistan and Jamat ul caders have reached Bangladesh.
    Many are on their way to Myanmar , Nepal and Srilanka. Pakistan should get the rewards for their out reach and world is waiting to see the rewards Pakistan is going to get.

    • A brilliant reply..very apt and includes the reality…but I am afraid they are devoid of Reality and shall go on saying "we are not isolated","the international community is with us""we are the next Super Power of the World""World should not forget we are a Nuclear Power"..the list is rather long and I do not want to be Boring to the readers

    • A statement without any merit. A statement which indicates that Pakistan is a state sponsor of terrorism. It wants Kashmir by using the instruments of terror. This is what India wanted. The goose is cooked, wait for the consequences. This has paved the way for counter terrorism operations inside Pakistan. The world cannot blame India if tomorrow, India goes ahead with military action.

    • HahahAhahaha, good joke, Pakistan is not supporting terrorists, instead it is supporting the freedom struggle of Kashmiris and I believe that PM Nawaz is doing less. recent statements by rajnath singh should be answered in the more aggressive way because you Indians don’t believe that Kashmiris are humans, this is India’s so called democracy its worse than dictatorship. Killing Kashmiris is not a solution to the issue of Kashmir, you Indians should be ashamed of yourself, you are killing innocent Kashmiris who are simply un equipped to fight with you.

  2. Are Nawaz Sahab kan khol kar ek bar phir se suno…Kashmir kabhi bhi Nahi Pakistan Banega…Jo Kashmir Pakistan ne gher rakha hai wo bhi wapis dena hoga

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