Important CAA documents being used to sell fries and bread


Pakistan’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) decided to sell off its classified documents to the garbage collector instead of disposing of them in a more secure and appropriate way.

Extremely important and sensitive documents belonging to the CAA have been discovered at several vendors and kiosks selling fries, rotis (bread), and bun kebabs (burgers) in and around the Karachi airport area.

These documents include reports on plane accidents as well as letters written by the Ministry of Defence to the CAA. An investigative report on a CAA calibration aircraft involved in an accident in the UAE was also found among these documents.

Turns out, the CAA took the easy way out by selling off these files to the garbage collectors without caring to find out how sensitive the documents were.

According to CAA officials, the prescribed method to dispose of documents at the organisation is that the concerned board first carefully inspects all old documents, then sorts out the sensitive files and burns them.

The rest of the documents are sold off to scrap.

The officials added that if the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) were to find out the process to get rid of sensitive files at the CAA was this unsafe, it would bring great shame to Pakistan.