Special PIA aircraft to bring PM Nawaz, camp office back to Pakistan


A special Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) aircraft o is being sent to London for Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s return to Pakistan, following his recovery, according to a statement issued by PIA on Friday.

“Due to the premier’s health issues, PM Office had partly been shifted to London, where a camp office had been set up. Now that the prime minister has recovered after his surgery and is allowed to travel, the whole Camp Office has to be shifted back to Pakistan,” the statement read.

The statement further explained that since there were not enough seats available on a regular PIA flight, “the only option was to depute a dedicated aircraft”, in order to accommodate the entire camp.

Local media reports claim the prime minister is scheduled to return to Pakistan on July 9 after doctors gave him the go-ahead after recovering from his open-heart surgery.

Earlier, immediate family members of PM Nawaz also flew to London to celebrate Eidul Fitr with him. Over the past few years, Nawaz has consistently spent the last 10 days of Ramazan away from home; in Saudi Arabia.

Separately, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi telephoned his counterpart PM Nawaz on Wednesday, the occasion of Eid, to wish him a speedy recovery from surgery, a sign the two men remain in touch, despite fraught diplomatic relations.


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