‘We’re winning war on terror on the ground but losing it on social media’

  • Interior minister says RAW agents are using social media to demoralise armed forces; says the whole nation has to work to ensure that that doesn’t happen
  • Says NACTA meeting will be held after Eid; 2,000 ex-army men among 20,000 new personnel to be raised for Sindh police
  • Says terrorists are practicing psychological warfare by hitting soft targets



Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar on Monday said that the country’s social media is playing a “negative role” by spreading rumours which bring down the morale of the armed forces, a trend he said is affecting Pakistan’s progress in the war on terror.

He also said that 20,000 more men will be recruited in Sindh police including 2,000 ex-army men.

The interior minister rejected the impression that Karachi’s law and order situation has worsened by saying that the crime rate in the city has decreased considerably in the past few years due to the ongoing operation in the city. However, he said the terrorists are now attacking the soft targets in order to discredit the security agencies. In addition, he said, social media is creating hurdles in the war on terror.


“I am not against social media but the rumours on this platform spread through anonymous sources,” he said at a press conference held in the capital.

“No one knows if a RAW agent or a terrorist is spreading rumours to bring down the morale of our forces,” said Nisar adding that “negative propaganda” spread through the medium brings down the morale of the security forces.

“While we, our people and our security agencies are right before the eyes of the terrorists, the enemy is hidden,” he said.

While he lauded the role of the mainstream media and thanked journalists for their support, he criticised social media for what he says is “negative propaganda against security agencies”.

Nisar said that the security agencies have to fight the terrorists while obeying the laws of the state but the terrorists do not have to take the laws into consideration. He said that the morale of the nation is down and it was our job to improve it morale.


He said that National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA)’s meeting will be called after Eid and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will chair it. He told that the meeting will also be attended by Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Raheel Sharif.

The interior minister said that the federal crime database is going to be established and NACTA will be heading the information sharing in this regard.

He added that cameras will be installed around Karachi as they were installed as part of the Safe City Project in Islamabad. Nisar said that most of the calls relating to extortion are received from Afghanistan.

Talking about China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), Chaudhry Nisar said that enemy is after it and it must be defended at any cost.


Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said that 2,000 retired army officials will be appointed in the Sindh police to improve the capacity of the police.

Nisar said that Pakistan has decided to send its police officials to the United Nations (UN)’s peace missions as well. He added that the police plays a vital role in improving the security situation of the country.

Nisar said that the Pakistan Army will facilitate the Sindh Police in its training, adding that the army will not be responsible for recruitments in the Sindh Police as it will only be providing assistance. He added that religious scholars will also be asked to play a role in the war against terrorism. He said that he discussed the security situation in his meeting with the chief election commissioner regarding the elections to be held in Azad Kashmir.

The interior minister said that the army is also on the alert keeping in view the possibility of floods in the country. He stated that the evidence in the Ayyan Ali case points somewhere else. He further stated that it is the right of the citizens, politicians and media personnel to demand security.


He maintained that the overall security situation in the country has improved through the efforts of the security agencies and, referring to the killing of famed Qawwal, Ajmad Sabri and the kidnapping of SHC CJ’s son Awais Shah, he said terrorists are hitting “soft targets” to hurt the nation.

About Karachi’s law and order situation, he said, “Terrorists want to pit us against each other through incidents like Amjad Sabri’s murder and Awais Shah’s kidnapping.”

“There is a strategy behind it. Terrorists do it to discredit the police because they don’t have the free space they had in the past,” he said.

The minister also announced that Karachi’s population will be documented on the same pattern as Islamabad’s and “it will be figured out if a certain person living in the city is a local or a foreigner”.

He said that 20,000 more men will be recruited in Sindh police.


Nisar said that Pakistan is winning its war on terror but the nation will have to unite to win the psychological war against the terrorists, in order to take the battle to its logical conclusion.

“The odds are against us but I will say that we are winning the fight on the ground. Incidents such as Amjad Sabri’s murder and SHC CJ son’s kidnapping are acts of frustration by the elements who want to divide us, disappoint us and pit us against each other. We have to unite to win this psychological war,” said Nisar.

Nisar reminded the reporters that there was a time when the General Headquarters (GHQ), Navy and PAF bases came under attack, but today, Pakistan is one of the few countries whose fight against terrorism is being presented as a success story.




  1. What have you done with your 'good terrorists'? have they been eliminated? or are kept in reserve for the 'non-state' actors role against your 'arch-enemy'?

  2. It is not the social media to blame. It is the Govt.Agencies which make tall claims and yet don'r allow independent confirmation. It is the Viet Nam Syndrome all over. Please don,t feed us conspiracy theories but facts. We have the greatest sympathy for our armed forces but none for our elected representatives who are busy lining their pockets. We need depth analysis of goals, tactics and strategy and not talk shows.

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