NADRA officer arrested for issuing fake CNICs to afghan refugees


The Anti-Human Smuggling Cell of FIA has arrested an assistant director of NADRA in Karachi.

He is accused of issuing fake Computerised National Identity Card (CNIC) to Afghan nationals.

In another action, Sindh Police has arrested nine criminals including seven Afghan refugees from different areas of Karachi.

Reports said FIA has told Federal Anti-Corruption Court that Karachi NADRA officials have issued CNICs to 256 foreigners this year.



  1. Sir, i want to asked how i can complaint in NADRA against a person who get pakistani CNIS, and he is not a pakistani citizen but he is an afghan citizen, i can point out some afghanies who got pakistani CNIC. In this regards kindly help me because as pakistani this is my duty to do so. thanks

  2. in kpk mardan two teachers in bps 16 ghss takkar are afghan nationals on fake nics complain id s 30968 and33850 we want to arrest them and dismiss their service

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