F-16 deal terminates amid Pak-US row over finances


Pakistan has failed to seal the deal for the purchase of eight F-16 fighter jets from the United States following a row over financing.

The $699 million deal for eight F-16C/D Block-52 multi-role fighters (2 C and 6 D models), was to be partially financed through the US Foreign Military Financing (FMF) programme, but Congress disallowed subsidising the sale over concerns that Pakistan had not done enough to end the Haqqani network’s sanctuaries on its soil as well as fears about Islamabad’s nuclear programme, particularly tactical weapons and the intermediate range Shaheen III missile.

Pakistan, which expected to get the fighters at the subsidised rate of $270 million, was subsequently asked by the US administration to make the full payment for the eight aircraft from its national resources. This was not acceptable to Pakistani authorities, who remained adamant that the offer must come without any preconditions.

The aircraft were required by Pakistan Air Force (PAF) for counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism operations. The additional jets would have enhanced the PAF’s capacity to sustain counter-terrorism operations by increasing aircraft availability and providing training opportunities for pilots transitioning to the Block-52 version. Furthermore, the aircraft would have come with ‘all-weather, non-daylight environments and self-defence/area suppression capability’.

It was unclear why Pakistan missed the opportunity despite pressing requirement for the jets, although it had originally desired to acquire 18 F-16s.

Some quarters believe that providing the Letter of Acceptance would have kept the window open for re-negotiating the financing arrangement at a later stage.

Pakistan’s Ambassador to US Jalil Abbas Jilani, while talking to the media said, “a dead-end has not been reached as yet”.

Adviser on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz said last month that Pakistan could look to buy the aircraft from some other country if the deal did not go ahead. Analysts believe Islamabad could consider Russian or Chinese fighters to meet its defence requirements.

Meanwhile, negotiations are also continuing with TUSAS Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) for the upgrade of 74 F-16 fighters currently serving in the PAF fleet. A Turkish team is due in Islamabad in July to continue discussions on the project. US consent would be required for the deal to materialise.

US had provided the needed parts, materials and technical data to TUSAS to upgrade the PAF jets.



  1. Hae ye mohtaaji! Decades ago, Indian FM Krishna Menon had said " if you want something from US, don't beg them – kick them". He lost his job though. Are we really that helpless ?

  2. The USA never refused to sell Pakistan the jets…it only refused to pay for them…

  3. Why sanctions on Pakistan,coz Muslim Country. Pakistan should sign Defence deal with China, Time tested Friend, as well as Russia. America is selfish friend. Régional friends are more trusted then U.S.A, look for Trust worthy friends. Rather then…..?.

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