Pakistan seeks ‘clarification’ of US strike on Afghan Taliban Chief Mullah Mansour


Pakistan is “seeking clarification” about a United States (US) drone strike against Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Akhtar Mansour, Foreign Office Spokesman Nafees Zakaria said on Sunday, after US officials said Mansour was likely killed in an air strike on Pakistani soil.

“I have seen the reports. We are seeking clarification,” Zakaria said in a statement.

He added that Pakistan wanted the Taliban to return to the negotiating table to end the long war in Afghanistan. “Military action is not a solution,” he added.

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Zakaria’s statement comes as US Secretary of State John Kerry earlier on Sunday said that he notified Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif by telephone of a US drone strike that ‘likely killed’ Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Mansour.

Afghan leadership was also apprised of the air strike ordered by US President Barack Obama, Kerry said, declining to elaborate on the timing of the notifications.

US officials in Washington said on Saturday that US missile-firing drones had conducted strikes targeting Mansour and probably killed him in a strike in Balochistan near the Afghan border.

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  1. This news confirms that ISI & paki establisment trained, finance,sheltering & using TLIBAN against afghan people.
    Very simple Munafic work ,need to stop to make good relation our neibour afghanistan

  2. A failed and terrorist state pakistan defending its terrorist brothers against drone strikes is nothing new. The world is watching

  3. Yes we demand clarification for the drone attacks on our territories or else we will use nukes on you!

  4. The report is blurred. Drone attacks are nothing new but never read that the PM has registered his protest (for clarification). This violation is taking place for decades. Why only now ?

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