APCNGA warns PSO of legal action against oil retailer




Central Chairman of All Pakistan CNG Association Abid Hayat on Friday said Pakistan State Oil (PSO) is harassing CNG operators to extract money which is illegal.

The management of PSO has unilaterally increased rent of the CNG stations established on petrol pumps of PSO which has been challenged in the high court but the company has started extracting money before the court decision, which is illegal and constitutes contempt of court, he said.

In a statement issued Friday, Abid Hayat said that according to the agreement between the CNG operators and the PSO, the supply of petrol pumps cannot be stopped due to any dispute between the parties.

However, the nation’s largest oil retailer has cut supply of many petrol pumps to blackmail the operators, which must be noticed. Abid Hayat said that PSO has extracted additional sum from almost 100 CNG station owners which is bhatta.

He said the PSO should stop the illegal practice otherwise CNG operators would bring them to court.