Names of world’s worst airlines for 2016 revealed


An annual survey was conducted that revealed the world’s airlines with the worst safety records. examined audits accumulated from aviation governing bodies and lead associations, as well as government audits and fatality records for each airline it examined. It went on to look at  airlines’ operational histories, operational excellence and incident records.

The website provided safety ratings for over 400 airlines and awarded them up to 7 stars. 148 of these airlines were given top ratings. Almost 50 had just three stars or less. But a total of 10 airlines, all from Nepal, Surinam or Indonesia, qualified for only one or zero stars for 2016.

1) Batik Air

2) Bluewing Airlines

3) Citilink

4) Kal-Star Aviation

5) Lion Air

6) Sriwijaya Air

7) TransNusa

8) Trigana Air Service

9) Wings Air

10) Xpress Air


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