Around 300,000 patients need liver transplant



Around 300,000 patients of liver diseases need liver transplant due to which cadaver donation has become need of the hour.

These views were expressed by Associate Prof Dr Amir Latif of the liver transplantation unit of Kidney Center of the Shaikh Zaid Hospital (SZH) in an exclusive talk with APP on Sunday. He said that liver diseases are increasing in the country with sharp pace. Hundreds of patients are on waiting list of the transplantation but due to lack of staff and required facilities in operating the unit in full scale, he added.

He said the kidney of a donor could be transplanted to two persons. “The liver can be donated to two persons as its 30 per cent is enough for a health body. Even one alive person can donate his 50 per cent of the liver,” he added.

He said the lungs and hearts could also be donated to an ill person. “According to the Cadaver Human Tissue Ordinance 2009 and its passage in form of an act in the 18th Amendment, now it is a legal practice to transplant donated organs,” he said.

Prof Amir Latif was of his view that through cadaver donation, around 150 transplantations could be performed every year. “There is an urgent need to motivate people to donate their organs in larger interest of ailing humanity,” he added.

He said that cadaver donation had started in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran and in some countries of Europe like Germany and it was mandatory to donate organs after death.