Valentine’s Day: Celebrity bytes



Happy Valentine’s Day to all those celebrating! Though love has no boundaries and no particular day is needed for it to be expressed, we hope that all of you have the most romantic weekend.

To spice up your day Pakistan Today asked 14 of your favourite celebrities, how they will be spending V-Day? Here’s what they had to say:


The Pakistani independent woman personified, Anoushey Ashraf is mindful of marriage but hasn’t found the right man for herself. “I just need to find someone mentally compatible with me, that’s all.”

But on V-day, Anoushey is going to be amidst many eligible bachelors.

“I am off to PSL, will be cheering for the Peshawar Zalmi’s,” she says. We hope Cupid’s arrow strikes her there.


Sarwat Gillani-1We love Sarwat Gillani for her typical housewife roles and this V-day she has similar plans. She shall surprise her better half with an extravagant present.

“I got a rooftop garden constructed for him, as he loves rooftop parties.” Other than that she will have a nice and cosy brunch with her hubby followed by a party with him and the family.



Another rocking bachelorette of the L-town is definitely Saba Qamar. “I am very single and ready to mingle,” she told Pakistan Today.‎


farhan n urwa

Farhan Saeed is unfortunately not in Pakistan to celebrate the day with his love, but will be travelling back from USA on the 14th‎. “I have planned a post valentine dinner date.”

Do we need to disclose who the lucky Hocane is?


Abdul MannanThe ravishing model Abdul Mannan is a simple family man with no love interests at the moment. “I will be taking some flowers for my mom as they make her really happy.”


Adnan SiddiquiThe super hot dad Adnan Siddiqui has also dedicated his day to the family. “I will be spending the romantic day with my kids. That’s what life is for a family man.”‎


Ather Shahzad
Ather is the one people can count on for a great day. The talented makeup artist seems to have a very simple life. He tells us, “This might sound boring but V-Day is mother’s day as I don’t get much time with her.” The most colourful idea indeed!


Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan a.k.a Xulfi
Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan a.k.a Xulfi, is super excited about the launch of NESCAFE Basement 4. Having raised the bar with each season, this season is going to be a treat to watch. Having been busy with Season 4 preparations, he would be spending the day with his family. “Just the begum and me this Valentine ’s Day,” he shyly puts.


Adnan Dohl and Rabi AhmedThe Soch band stays in our thoughts due to its youthful songs but mostly because it has two of the most handsome members, Adnan Dohl and Rabi Ahmed.

Adnan Dohl, who is engaged and will be married soon says, “We did release the song Dosti Wala Gana for the love of friendship and I believe love has a lot to it.” He also claimed that he wouldn’t be going out on a date.


zoe viccijiZoe Viccaji the power packed singer would be seen on the beaches of Karachi with her friends as it’s nothing special for her. “It’s just an ordinary day,” she says.


Tariq TaqiModel-cum-actor Tariq Taqi will be busy in shoots but he is willing to look for a life partner.  “Good looks, good looks and good looks!” is what Taqi wants in his better half.


Salman AhmedThe Junoon star Salman Ahmed simply puts it, “I follow my heart 365 days of the year, you should too.”



Humaima Malick, who is in the UAE cheering for the Zalmi’s will be spending the romantic day with the best possible people one can get i.e. her parents. “Their love is true and they love me more than anyone can ever do,” she puts in emotionally.

She hasn’t got many expectations for the perfect guy as she believes that love should follow one instead of being followed.

Her idea of a perfect date is ‘the beach, soft sand and the ocean with him by my side”.

Don’t we all wish for that?


maya ali
The cute little thing Maya Ali, who has taken the small screen by storm, is going to be busy working. “I will be flying off to Thailand for a shot,” she said.

She also hasn’t given much thought as to what type of a partner she desires. “I like concentrating on my work at the moment.” Let’s hope for the best for her.



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