Stern action against kite-fliers



The district administration has decided to take stern action against kite-fliers during Basant.

A source in the ICT Administration said that police have been directed to crack down on people flying kites as part of Basant festival.

Despite a ban on kite flying, citizens were hoping to celebrate the festival with full vigor.

The source said that awareness drive will also be launched to enlighten the public about the danger associated with flying kites with iron string.

Basant festival is celebrated every year on 3 and 4 March in F-9 Park Islamabad.


  1. Let the public enjoy a little bit. It is a centuries long tradition of welcoming spring.. The tourists will flock to Pakistan. The country is not run by Taliban. The persuit of happiness is a human right. More people are killed or injured on Pakistani roads then by kite flying. Let us use commonsense.!

  2. Pathetic thinking and low IQ leaders. Orangeline train has claimed 9 lives so far but work is going on, govt has failed in letter and spirit to provide safe education children are dying in schools and universities. Govt cant implement safety guideline cant regulate safety standards, they ban everything, I fear one day education would be baned in this country.

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