Couple tied with electric pole in Daska, faces blackened

DASKA: Black faced and brutally tortured labourer Muhammad Sarwar and his wife Sumera Bibi tied up with ropes with village’s electrical poll by some unknown accused in village Mitraanwali of Daska tehsil. INP PHOTO

A local labourer and his wife were brutally tortured publicly and dragged into village streets after blackening of their faces by some unknown masked men in village Mitraanwali area of Daska on Wednesday.
Reportedly, the nasty incident occurred here the other day when some unknown armed masked persons stormed into house of local labourer Muhammad Sarwar and started torturing him and his wife Sumera Bibi with hockey sticks.
The accused thrashed both husband and wife. The accused painted heir faces black and paraded both of the victims at gun point in the village streets.
No one dared to free the victim couple from the clutches of the unknown armed accused.
Later, the accused tied both with ropes with the electrical pole for several hours, as no one was allowed to free them.
Some villagers said that after few hours of this nasty incident, police reached there and released the victims.
Two main reasons are stated to be behind this nasty incident. Police said that victim Muhammad Sarwar’s brother-in-law Nawazish had kidnapped local labourer Shehzad Ahmed’s young daughter Aysha from the village few days back. The heirs of the kidnapped girl thus gave such punishment to the said couple in the nasty way.
While expressing grave concern and sorrow over this shameful and inhuman incident, MNA Iftikharul Hassan Shah said that the old political row was behind the incident. The MNA said that local elected councillor Faiz Cheema and his some political workers had punished this couple for not giving him votes in the LB polls held here on Dec 5.
Talking to the newsmen, newly-elected councilor Faiz Cheema denied all these allegations levelled against him by his political opponents. He said that the incident occurred on Tuesday but he came to know about this incident on Wednesday. He termed it a fake propaganda against him by his political opponents.
Meanwhile, District Police Officer (DPO) Rai Ejaz Ahmed said that the Bambaanwala police have registered a case against as many as seven nominated accused including Goggi Cheema, Aslam Cheema, Awais Riasat, Shabir alias Kalu , Rasheed, Basharat and Ajju.
The DPO added that the case has been registered on the report of victim Muhammad Sarwar.
The DPO revealed that the main cause behind this inhuman incident was abduction of a young girl, which infuriated her heirs and they committed this crime.