Imambargah caretaker shot dead, 11 suspects arrested


Unknown armed men shot dead the custodian (Mutwali) of an Imambargah on Friday. The police arrested 11 suspects in connection with murder.

According to details, unidentified armed men opened fire at the caretaker of a local Imambargah in Peshawar, killing him on the spot. The men fled after committing the murder.

A large number of people, including heirs and relatives of the deceased, blocked GT Road along with dead body, and held a protest against the incident. They chanted slogans against the police and administration over failure to provide security to public lives and properties. Later, police officials visited the scene and assured protestors that they would bring the culprits to justice, after which they dispersed peacefully.

The police after registering a case into the incident conducted a search operation in surrounding areas, during which 11 suspects were arrested in connection with the murder. The suspects are under interrogation.