Shehzad Roy teams up with Zoe Viccaji for new song



Shehzad Roy may have been one of Pakistani pop’s standard-bearers for over two decades, but the philanthropist in him has dominated his professional endeavours for the past decade or so. Taking a break from the activism that has won him numerous laurels, Roy is set to team up with singer-songwriter Zoe Viccaji for a pop number titled Jind Jaan that will see him recollect the Shehzad Roy of the past.

“I have been making a lot of political songs. A lot of my fans had been requesting me to make more pop music,” said Roy about his decision to release the song, adding it will still be different in comparison with his previous works.

This is not the first time he has collaborated with another artist for a track. In the past, Roy invited Abida Parveen, Sukhbir, Wasu and Ayesha Omar to lend their voices to his tracks. As for his collaboration with Zoe, he said she is an artist in her own right. “I am a big fan of her music and enjoy the different styles she works with,” he added.

Roy said Jind Jaan’s music video will be shot sometime this month. “We want to film the song in November as we are looking to release it during the first week of December,” he shared. The song has been produced by Roy himself, along with music producer Zeeshan.

The track is not the only music-related project that Roy is busy with these days. He is also working on a music video for a telecommunications brand. He is among the few Pakistani artists who released music over the past several years when the conditions were not welcoming.

In a recent interview with The Express Tribune, satirist Anwar Maqsood revealed that he is writing a script for Roy’s upcoming film.

“Exactly the way Dawar Mehmood was after me for a stage play, Roy used to turn up at my door every second day, insisting that I should write a film for him,” he had said.