“Who’s Down”: Google launches new friend tracking app


Google has quietly launched a new app recently to help people locate and make plans with their friends.


“Who’s down”, an invite only, free app available on the Play Store, helps users find out which of their friends are available near them. Once located, the app then helps them invite their friends to “hang out” with them. To show one’s own availability, one can use the “sliding feature” to make oneself available for up to three hours. The service can be further personalised with options to create one’s own activity or select one from a list of popular activities in one’s area. Friends interested in joining in can find out more via one’s displayed status. The app also includes group chatting features to make planning events easier.


While Google has not yet released further details, it has been noted that the new app is similar to Apple’s “Find My Friends” app and Foursquare’s “Swarm” app.