99.9 % buildings in Rawalpindi not quake proof: Survey


Most of the multi storey buildings in Rawalpindi are not designed according to buildings code, and may collapse if city was to be hit by a severe earthquake in future.


According to a survey 99.9 % buildings in the Rawalpindi city are not quake proof and don’t have ability to resist against strong earthquake. Despite the building code given by Govt, still multi story buildings are being constructed in commercial and residential areas without following the code.
According to reports, Rawal Administration has issued notices to 312 old and dilapidated buildings after the recent earthquake shocks in the city. they include 80 % Govt buildings, including endowment department’s buildings too, in which the residents are staying at very cheap rents of between Rs 1000 to Rs 1500 since last many decades while the house rents in the city starts from Rs.15 thousands.


According to details , 6 to 8 families live in each of these old Govt buildings, while most of their walls are in poor state and cracked, and can create any untoward situation in any earthquake or heavy rain falls. Residents of such buildings are helpless to live in because of the heavy rents at other places.


In addition , residents of many buildings have filed suits against vacation orders and their cases have not been decided for years.


While talking in this connection, senior PRO Rawal Town told that now we will adopt strict policy, and if someone will violate the building codes, strict action would be initiated against him and in addition such building would be sealed.