82-year-old Chinese lady gets eight diplomas for 28 years college study


Tang Ling, 82-year Chinese lady has kept going to senior college for 28 years, Huaxi Metropolis, a local newspaper in Chengdu, reported..

She spends 50 minutes by taking two buses to the senior college in Chengdu each Monday. The courses she has taken include literature, history, music, gardening and others.

She said she signed up for the first course in 1987 after she had just retired and was not in a mood to rest. And she never stopped. She said she usually re-signs for a course after she complets or signs for a new course to learn. She received eight diplomas when the college stopped issuing certificates after 2008.

“At first couple of years, I even had a full schedule of six-day course and only had one day off,” said Tang.

Several years later, Tang gradually downsized her study time from six days a week to three days to have time taking care of her family.

Meanwhile, Tang has volunteered as a consultant for primary school students since 1990s to deliver her knowledge to next generations.