Rawal Dam water being polluted by residential societies


Rawal Dam water, which is being supplied to citizens of Rawalpindi, is being polluted by sewerage and other pollutants of twenty five residential colonies around the dam and its tributaries.

According to reports, the residential colonies in Bara Kahu are massively polluting the Rawal Dam water due to inefficiency of the officials who are duty bound to ensure that sewerage water and other pollutants do not reach the water reservoirs. These pollutants are poisoning the water and put the lives of the citizens at serious risk.

These Abadis include OGCL housing colony, Atomic Energy Employees Cooperative Housing Colony, diplomatic enclave, Qauid-e-Azam University, Noorpur Shahan, Bara Baku, Bani Gala town, Bhadawa village, Salgran,Tret village, Gora Gali, and several others.

One report said that these housing societies are contributing five million gallons of waste in the Rawal dam. Waste from catchment area on seventy thousand acres and of the poultry farms are also contributing the pollution of water.