Dengue virus found in 36 schools despite “hectic” awareness campaign


The Punjab government is in the midst of hectic anti dengue campaign to control dengue virus, in which special lectures and zero periods were arranged for students, but reports say that dengue virus has been found in 36 government run schools in Rawalpindi.

Anti-Dengue awareness and spray teams are visiting different localities of Rawalpindi city after the allied hospitals were found to be overwhelmed by the Dengue patients, the number crossing one thousand.

The spray teams are making sprays in streets and at places where stagnant water is seen but it appears that the campaign is too late. The Punjab health authorities in Rawalpindi failed to take preventive measures in advance. People when contacted said that the awareness teams insist visiting residential houses but they never took practical steps.

Advisor to Chief minister said that Govt has started campaign on national level to overcome the dengue. Despite this dengue teams have started home to home survey, they are spraying on streets and pond sides.