Monami to offer internet payments in Pakistan


Inov8 Limited, Pakistan’s premier mobile commerce and payments provider, has partnered with Monami, a leading aggregator operating in North America and the region, to offer internet payments in Pakistan. This is the first time that such a large portfolio of internet payments, including leading names such as Google Play Store, Apple App store and iTunes, Skype, Netflix, PlayStation, Steam, Xbox Live and World of Warcraft payments among more than 50 others, are being made available locally to Pakistani customers under the name “Cardwalla”.

“Inov8 has been working to grow the mobile payments industry in Pakistan since 2004. Today we have one of the largest offerings of products and services as well as one of the biggest client portfolios in the region. Launching the Cardwalla service for internet payments through our Allplay platform is in line with our vision to change the way payments are made today to bring ultimate convenience to the end consumer,” said Bashir Shiekh, president and co-founder Inov8 Limited.

Monami Chairman Ammar Afif said, “Monami looked at the Pakistani market and found that consumers were lacking in comparison to others in similar markets in terms of product breadth and accessibility. We are enabling the Pakistani consumer to become a global consumer and international products.”

Inov8 Limited, setup in 2004, is Pakistan’s first mobile financial services solution provider, and has grown to become the leading partner to banks and telcos, both locally and internationally. Monami is a financial tech company that operates a Global Payment Hub and focuses on emerging markets.