3,880 KGs substandard meat seized; Butchers captured red handed slaughtering donkey


At least 3,880 kilograms of substandard meat was seized in three different raids at slaughter houses in Rawalpindi and Lahore on Saturday.

According to information, Livestock department in Rawalpindi assisted by police on Saturday recovered more than 3000kg  of poor quality meat from Banni area and detained as many as 14 butchers.The substandard quality meat was recovered when Assistant Commissioner Ahmed Hassan Ranjha along with livestock department and police raided illegal slaughter houses at Jamia Masjid Road Bani area of Rawalpindi.

The police seized fake stamps and registered a case against the suspects in Bani police station.

Meanwhile, Livestock department on Saturday raided an illegal slaughter house in Shalimar Town’s area of Ghoray Shah in Lahore and confiscated over 800kgs unhealthy and substandard meat. Police arrested at least three suspects present at the scene.

Moreover at least 80 kg more substandard meat was recovered in Makka Colony of Lahore

In Multan, locals in Shujabad on Saturday caught two butchers red-handed while slaughtering a donkey accusing them of planning to sell the meat for consumption.

The suspects were handed over to the police and shifted to the Sadar Police Station where both the suspects rejected the allegations saying that they had slaughtered the animal to get its hide.

Ghulam Yasin and Sufyan said they were to receive Rs.25,000 for the hide and didn’t intend to sell the meat of donkey.

Police have locked up the suspects and were carrying out further investigation.