Agri-sector growth set at 3.9pc for fiscal year 2015-16


The government has set agriculture sector growth targets at 3.9 percent for the fiscal year 2015-16 with an aim to boost and achieve the GDP growth targets during the period under review.

According to Annual Development Plan 2015-16, the agriculture sector is targeted to grow by 3.9 percent on the basis of expected contributions of important crop by 3.2 percent, other crop by 4.5 percent and cotton crop production by 5 percent.

Livestock sector growth was targeted at 4.1 percent, fisheries sector 3 percent and forestry by 4 percent by prioritising the agri-research and marketing for harnessing the true potential of these sectors.

It said that livestock sub-sector was expected to perform better due to better availability of fodder and green pasture and increased demand for processed food and dairy products which are stimulating the private sector for investment in livestock and dairy sectors.

Moreover, the poultry sector has huge potential for value addition and country could tap on the international halal food market. Besides, due to water availability and revival of minor crops and increased productivity of livestock, the agriculture sector is well poised to achieve the envisaged growth of 3.9 percent growth in 2015-19, it added.