‘Madrassas linked to terrorism? No way!


Information minister says he has been associated with madrassas for 40 years and there is ‘no link of madrassas with terrorism’

“We should refrain from saying anything that could hurt sentiments of others,” said Federal Minister for Information Pervez Rashid on Sunday, stressing the need for spreading the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah to make Pakistan a peaceful and prosperous country.

Speaking at a ceremony of Dastarbandi at Al-Khalil Quran Complex in Rawalpindi, the minister revealed that he has been associated with madrassas in Pakistan for about 40 years and that there is “no link of madrassas with terrorism”. He said that the government is keen in eradicating the menace of terrorism from the state.

“By following Uswa-e-Hasana, we can spread the teachings of Islam, which abhors terrorism and gives lesson of unity, harmony and brotherhood, in the world,” he said, adding that Islam gives lesson for saving people’s lives.

He regretted the suicide attack in Saudi Arabia which claimed lives of many worshippers and said that “terrorism is a path of destruction”.

Talking about the attack on Sri Lanka team, he stated that the targeted attack on the guest team has ruined the image of Pakistan in international community and lauded the valor of Zimbabwe team for their arrival in Pakistan.

The minister said terrorism affected every department of the country and damaged the society. He said the government wanted to give a better future to the coming generations.

The information minister distributed certificates among the Huffaz of the Al-Khalil Quran Complex and performed dastarbandi. He appreciated the services of the founder of Al-Khalil Quran Complex Hafiz Khalil for promoting the teachings of Quran.