Suicide attacks are “un-Islamic”, extremists’ thinking flawed due to poor knowledge: Ulema



Over 200 religious scholars have issued a decree against suicide attacks and deemed them ‘unlawful’ under the Islamic law, according to local media sources.

The ulema claimed that the philosophy behind the Islamic state, Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram and other ‘so called’ Jihadi outfits was ‘misleading’, as per sources.

Such groups operated in un-Islamic manners and their thinking was flawed because of poor knowledge and mere ignorance, stated Maulana Zia ul Haq Naqshbandi.

The so-called jihadi outfits were unmindful of the conditions that must be met before declaration of jihad. Furthermore, the elements involved in sectarian killings were guilty of ‘fasad’, as Islam did not allow killings in the name of sect, it was claimed.

“The Islamic government is bound to crush such rebels,” said the decree.

It described the elements opposing polio immunisation campaign as “misguided people”. “And those killing women health workers are the worst criminals,” the decree said.

Those who attack worship places of non-Muslims are the worst sinners and protecting non-Muslims is mandatory for an Islamic state, according to the decree.

Maulana Naqshbandi said the conference had decided to observe Friday (May 22) as a day for peace and love. On the day, sermons would be delivered in about 400,000 mosques against unlawful killings, he said, according to sources.

An ulema board would be set up to counter the narrative of terrorist organisations like the TTP and IS, authorities claimed.

A movement called “Eradicate Terrorism and Save Country” would also be launched, said the Maulana, according to reports.

Religious leaders of other countries would be approached to get endorsements for the decree, he added.

Maulana Naqshbandi said the conference had also called for “international legislation” against blasphemy, according to sources.


  1. They just realized this TODAY after loosing so many innocent lives & our Army personnel. They are equally responsible for the death of 50, 000 + deaths through suicide & terrorist attacks. Where were they when such incidents were at the peak ? If they think they are innocent, they are mistaken. They will have to answer to Allah swt, why they kept silent where innocent people were dying every day.

    • I think you hit the nail on the head. But waiting for them to ''answer to Allah'' is a very lofty idea. People get away with murder and their crimes are brushed off by the phrase ''they will have to face Allah one day''. People use ''Allah'' to justify everything. Maybe you can use it to teach your children, in case you need a ''higher authority'' to justify your admonitions but remember to explain to your kids, once grow up, that you had used ''Allah'' as a tool to convince them of the way you want them to act.

  2. Well, it might be a step in the right direction. But it's been a very long time coming.
    Another thing I've realized reading news and blogs about Pakistan is that everybody seems to accuse the other of being ''ignorant'' or ''misguided''. I'm still trying to figure out if it's a way of forgiving or if it's an overly paternalistic way of dealing with situations. Muslims killing Muslims = misguided. Muslims killing Westerners, a.k.a. non-believers = acceptable.
    The reason I'm not too trusting of this Maulana Naqshbandi is that he's also calling for ''international legislation'' against blasphemy. Blasphemy laws are an abomination, no matter which country. As long a people place religion higher that humanity there will be problems.

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