Hazara Shia man killed, seven injured in Quetta attacks


A Hazara Shia man was killed and seven others injured in two separate incidents on Tuesday as unknown gunmen opened fire.

Two motorcyclists opened fire on Kasi Road, leaving six people injured. One of them succumbed to his wounds at a local hospital. Relatives of the deceased gathered at the Baacha Khan Road and burned tyres to lodge their protest. During the protest, unknown gunmen once again opened fire, leaving two more people injured.

The injured were taken to the Civil Hospital for treatment. Business activities came to a grinding halt as panic gripped the area following the armed attack. Police say they are investigating the matter.


  1. Armed attacks lead to heartbreaking consequences… As a result, a lot of innocent people suffer and nobody can help. This is so frustrating, because we lose so many great, brilliant and talented people many of whom are very young while cruel governments play their games. How is that fair…

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