Teenager allegedly murdered, two suspects in custody



The death of a 16 year old Lahori teenager by the name of Syed Mohammed Murtaza took place on 8th february, 2015 near the Airport Road, Lahore. An FIR at the Sadar Police Station has been filed by the family of the deceased. 

According to his family, Murtaza ran to the aid of some friends at the colony’s market, who were stuck in a feud. The culprits beat Murtaza mercilessly and ended up fracturing his skull.

Murtaza was in intensive care for 4 days at CMH, where he succummbed to his injuries at the very last day.

While speaking to Pakistan Today, Murtaza’s brother Mujtaba said that the culprits responsible for the death had been reported in the FIR. “What would have happened if a minister’s son got murdered or beaten up brutally? Justice should be served. I plea to all people and our leaders to help us out, my brother was innocent and the culprits should be given what they deserve.”

Murtaza was 16 years old and a student of Ordinary Levels at the LGS paragon situated in Paragon City, Lahore. He was the youngest of 4 siblings.

A facebook link to the page ‘In memory of Syed Murtaza Shah has been posted below:


A footage of the incident has also been put up on dailymotion.com

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  1. justice must prevail and culprits be hanged for killing a bright young boy. Where is govt and why khadam aala is silent over this gruesome murder?

  2. To be honest, the kid is himself to be blamed aswell.. Why did he ran to aid his friends in some stupid fight. He placed himself in that position……

    As the kid died, everyone will turn against the other gang, but it would be interesting to know how the fight started, and why did Murtaza joined in.

    What happened was wrong, but Murtaza himself also holds the blame aswell.

    • Are you serious? if someones raping your family member would you stand there and watch, Its a pity to see how most of you are just bystanders today. This kid has died, have some selfrespect before blaming him, These idiotic kids have no control over their words or hands. WHY? because my freaking dad or mom belongs to some completely bull SH"" party and ofcourse for them money is God.

    • true ! we all are indeed sad for Murtaza But there is a big story behind the fight !! Media have some truth and some wrong info

    • Nothing justifies… the culprits should be killed by hitting on their heads un front of their loved ones… so that they can feel the pain.

  3. Sad loss a young life. Lahore police must be seen to be acting. They should gather evidence and prosecute the culprits for murder. There should be a message to the young that violence means time behind bars.

    • Emotions are to be kept aside and facts must be kept in mind. @lahorei66 may i request you to update us all the TRUE BACKGROUND which instigated this fight ? If u know that only then u qualifies to redicule comments posted by Shahrukh Khalid . If not better keep your emotions to yourself.

    • Emotions are to be kept aside and facts must be kept in mind. M. DAUD may i request you to update us all the TRUE BACKGROUND which instigated this fight ? If u know that I WILL STAND BY YOU.

  4. Its a sad incident indeed which ultimately resulted in death of a teen aged boy . May Allah Bless the soul. Still May i request all those who have posted or would be posting soon to find the actual back ground of the fight before commenting ? A ten aged boy being son of a reportedly separated / Divorced lady entering into a situation which led to a scuffle ultimately causing his death does not seems to be justified even on the victims side. My only question with all humbleness is THAT WHY AND WHAT FOR AN UNDERAGE BOY ENTERED INTO A SITUATION OF SUCH KIND?
    WHY was the other party so furious that they didn't show any mercy and beat him to death ?
    Was there any serious Negative act done by the boy or of his accomplices ?
    Who was Saif S/O Maj zulifqar resident of askari X , reportedly a friend of the victim and his role in this complete episode?
    THE VICTIM might have been innocent but since my childhood i have been hearing that A MAN IS KNOW BY THE COMPANY HE KEEPS. Was there any situation of the kind and if YES what were the common interests leading them to be friends ?
    Please comment if you know the back ground of this scuffle ad the questions asked thereafter.

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