CII declares three pronouncements of divorce at once is un-Islamic



The Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) on Wednesday declared that pronouncing  divorce three times at once is un-Islamic and should be recognised as a punishable offense, a private news channel reported.

The CII Chairman Maulana Sherani, in a press conference on the final day of the two-day CII convention, said that a man can pronounce one divorce at a time as per the method prescribed by the Shariah.

According to the Islamic family law, to bring the divorce legally into effect a man has to declare the divorce three times.

The meeting was attended by researchers, clerics,  religious experts along with CII’s 11 members.

The council also suggested the formation of rules and regulations to root out sectarianism after thorough investigation of the issue.

The CII  rejected a bill of juvenile punishments, declaring physical punishment for minors ‘un-Islamic and inappropriate’.

The council also proposed to render August 14 as a public holiday but recommended that the country should not observe ‘Black Days’ for mourning any national tragedy.

Giving the recommendation on women’s eligibility to be a judge, Maulana Sherani said that a woman can only act as judge if she is at least 40-year-old  and observes full   “Islamic veil”.



  1. I have read in the press release the explanation of Sherani, he explained that according to the Islamic family law, a man has to divorce the spouse three times before the divorce legally comes into effect, however pronouncing the divorce three times in one go is Un-Islamic.

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