Non-bailable arrest warrant issued for Lal Masjid cleric



A civil judge on Friday issued non-bailable arrest warrant for Lal Masjid cleric Abdul Aziz, private media reported.

During hearing of a petition filed against Aziz  in the Aabpara police station for threatening members of civil society, Senior Judge Saqib Jawad issued the arrest warrant on request of the investigation officer.

Members of civil society had been protesting outside the Lal Masjid against Aziz for his unwillingness to condemn the brutal attack on the Army Public School in Peshawar.



  1. Why has taken this so long to issue warrants for this cleric who has been threatening the state for so long? Let us see if his arrests leads to suicide bombing etc. Let us face the litmus test. Last time he tried to escape he was wearing a burqa, i wonder the choice of his dress when he appears in the court. Lal Masjid is a place of prayers and not a arena for inflammatory sermons. The civil society has turned against him. Is there any law which prohibits his replacement?

    • Govt. did its best to corner this monster but its was Iftikhar Chaudry's supreme court that declared this monster innocent.

  2. Judges names should not be made public those involved in terrorist issues such as ordering their arrest and other legal proceedings.

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