Rashid for united front against terrorism


Minister says those staging sit-ins are only nine percent of the National Assembly’s strength

Information Minister Senator Pervaiz Rashid has urged for a united front against terrorism and for the revival of economy.

Talking to journalists in the capital on Saturday, the minister said that the government, judiciary, lawyers, journalists, business community and civil society must not allow any compromise on these issues.

The information minister said that the state of Pakistan is fully committed to eliminating all forms of terrorism from the country. He pointed out that national security institutions have launched a decisive war against terrorism as is being witnessed in North Waziristan, Khyber Agency, Karachi, Balochistan and other troubled spots.

Rashid said writers, journalists and intellectuals have to fight this war on ideological front to take it to the logical conclusion.

Moreover, the minister said that only a few thousands of people gathered at a particular place and no segment of the society including students, workers and lawyers came out in their support but an impression was created on television screens as if it was a country-wide phenomenon. He said that those staging sit-in are just nine percent of the National Assembly strength.

The minister reminded Khan that if the economy improves through foreign investment and the war on terror succeeds then any party forming the next government would be the beneficiary.