Saudi Arabia outlaws ‘tempting eyes’



A new law in Saudi Arabia banning ‘tempting eyes’ has become the latest example of female oppression in the country.

The law, which states that women with alluring eyes will be forced to wear a full veil, has been branded ‘stupid’ by dissenters and roundly criticised on social media, reports.

Sheikh Motlab al Nabet, spokesman of the Saudi Arabian Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, said they ‘had the right’ to force women to cover their face.

‘The men of the committee will interfere to force women to cover their eyes, especially the tempting ones,’ he said.

‘We have the right to do so.’

Many commentators wondered how the word ‘tempting’ would be applied.

One unnamed journalist in the country suggested it referred to ‘uncovered eyes with a nice shape and makeup.’

‘Or even without makeup, if they are beautiful, the woman will be in trouble,’ they added.

Prince Naif, whose impending ascension to the Saudi throne many hoped would spell an end to this kind of draconian oppression, looks likely to be as intolerant as his father King Abdullah after suggesting that any Muslim should support the Committee’s new law.

‘The committee is supported by all sides,’ he said.

‘It should be supported because it is a pillar of Islam. If you are a Muslim, you should support the committee.’


  1. Typical example of lazy journalism from Pakistan Today. Re-posting an article which was published in November, 2011! That's how outdated this news story is. Prince Naif, is dead! And, he wasn't the son of King Abdullah! Sheer incompetence. Someone should be fired for this.



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  3. How sad that the men are such barbarians that they have to have women totally covered in order for themen to be able to control their sexual urges. That is the most pathetic type of men this earth has ever seem. These are not men, but pathetic rapists passing themselves off an human beings.

    • Islam orders women to be covered from top to toe. Please get to know Islam so that you can understand the reason behind this.

      • Doesn't this depend solely on the women. If women wants to sport a veil she will, if she doesn't want she should not be forced. Neither making it a law is justifiable. This is called freedom of expression, which the orthodox Muslims doesn't want to provide to women. Why? What are they afraid of?

  4. It makes an American like myself wonder why the USA considers a country like Saudi Arabia, which routinely stones or beheads people to death in public, an ally while decrying the excesses of ISIL in this regard. We excuse the Saudi barbarism and oppression in exchange for oil. We engage in puffery and outrage at the performance of strong leaders, deposing them and leaving a vacuum of power, while hypocritically bowing to the House of Saud.

    • Saudi Barbarism? The people who where stoned or beheaded had committed a crime so dear that they deserved that sort of punishment. What about the school and college shootings going on in the States? Serial killers? If you behead a serial killer, rather than giving him life sentence, the others would think twice to kill some one. Think about it.

      • Violence doesn't solve a problem. It creates more.
        True that US has its own problem of shootings and serial killers. But using violence to stop violence is not a very good decision.
        Moreover, Saudi always had a bad reputation to behead people whose crime is not that heinous as it is portrayed.

      • This is the 21st century, killing someone isn't going to get you very far. And no, nobody deserve to be stoned to death, beheaded, electrocuted, burned alive or hanged. And btw, serial killers don't need a reason to kill: they're psychotic!

  5. So, who thought that the ascendancy of Prince Naif (that's an English word for a naïve person, by the way), who is still a DICTATOR, would herald the beginning of freedom in that cesspool?

  6. Is this a joke? How far will stupid intolerant religious freaks living in the middle ages go to oppress women? What did we ever do to them to deserve such a bad treatment?

  7. She is already in a burqa and if her eyes are hid what will she get to see.Maybe wer dark fglasses or not go our at all.all the lawa are loaded agianst women and it i only women who have to be careful.Why not ban ogling by men or make men wer something which will prevent them from seeing.

  8. Prince Naif, whose impending ascension to the Saudi throne many hoped would spell an end to this kind of draconian oppression, looks likely to be as intolerant as his father King Abdullah after suggesting that any Muslim should support the Committee’s new law.

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