LUMS teacher found guilty of sexually harassing student

  • Federal ombudsperson directs prestigious university to remove Abid Imam from faculty
  • LUMS enquiry committee had termed incident as ‘unbecoming’ of a teacher but did not term it sexual harassment nor penalised Imam


The federal ombudsperson has directed the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) to remove Abid Hussain Imam, a faculty member at the varsity’s law department, over charges of sexually harassing a female student.

According to the judgement, a copy of which is available with Pakistan Today, the Federal Ombudsman Secretariat for Protection against Harassment of Women at Workplace set aside the decision of LUMS enquiry committee and handed a “removal from service” order to Imam. The LUMS administration has been directed to implement the order in letter and spirit.

Per details, the complainant, a student at LUMS’ Sheikh Ahmed Hassan School of Law, had filed an appeal with the ombudsperson against the decision of the LUMS enquiry committee, alleging that Imam remarked of “mala fide intention to harass her” and then “touched her shoulder”.

Following a probe into the incident, the varsity’s enquiry committee had termed it “unbecoming” of a teacher and even directed Imam to write an apology to the student but had not considered it a matter warranting harassment charges. The committee and varsity’s vice chancellor had also not imposed any penalty on the teacher.

The ombudsperson, however, affirmed that the “conduct and behavior” of the teacher amounts to sexual harassment.

“The act of the respondent was a sexual demeaning attitude, which somehow has been admitted by the teacher himself and by the enquiry committee in its report. Whereas on ground of delay in filing appeal it is observed that such technicalities have to be avoided to meet the end of justice and give protection to human rights,” read the decision.

The federal ombudsperson added that over fear of losing a “brilliant teacher”, the LUMS enquiry committee did not deem the case as one involving sexual harassment despite the fact that the committee found the teacher to be guilty of sexually harassing the student.

Abid Hussain Imam is the son of senior politicians Syeda Abida Hussain and Syed Fakhar Imam and is also related to Syed Babar Ali, the pro-vice chancellor of LUMS. His mother Abida Hussain has served at various important positions, including Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States.


Waqqas Mir, counsel for Abid Imam before the LUMS enquiry committee, said it did not constitute “harassment” as per the Harassment Act, besides the victim filed the petition against Imam after the lapse of the prescribed time under law.

“Sexual harassment is a serious issue but if we don’t set the right standard before pronouncing guilt, it would become very difficult for teachers to work in any university,” Mir said.


  1. It's a very cheap move to put his picture up here. He is going to pay whatever he did but you or anybody else have no right to play with his esteem in his way. I would request you to take his picture off urgently.

    • Yes he can sexually harass someone but you don't like the fact his picture is up there? He should pay for what he did!

      • I would definitely be mola jut on him through all legal means but will not allow any interference by somebody who has to do nothing but to get business out of us.

    • I agree. The paper has no right for such sensationalism just because he is the son of well known parents

      • His family is nobody in this case and none of the irrelevant person has any right to exploit someone even if the person is convict.

    • I would suggest the opposite. Put his picture out in every newspaper out there, so that it gives a message to the future criminals of the consequences of such acts.

    • Actually this is good as it will encourage other female students to report harassment and take a stand for themselves. Next time, the molester will have to think twice about harassing someone when he'll think of the defaming this man, rightly if i may add, faced.

    • Esteem!!! Lol!! Are u kidding!!! What about the violation of the girl’s. At times i feel we have our criterion of “rights” all f
      ,@#ed up!!

    • you wouldnt have said that if he had done that to your sister my friend!! when something bad happens with someone else, all the sympathy freaks like you come and sort out things your way. why dont you get the hell out of here and save yourself first.

    • you wouldnt have said that if he had done that to your sister my friend!! when something bad happens with someone else, all the sympathy freaks like you come and sort out things your way. why dont you get the hell out of here and save yourself first.

    • We all know what happens to perpetrators of sexual harassment in this country. This man acted the way he did because he thought he could get away with it, without having to face the consequences. And that is exactly why posting his picture is anything but a 'cheap move'. It proves that this country is progressing in the right direction by negatively sanctioning criminals and teaching potential perpetrators a lesson. Also, it is nothing in comparison to the internal conflict the victim of sexual harassment will most probably feel for the rest of her life because of HIM.

    • When some one is guilty, I don't see any harm in putting his picture here. Hopefully other female members and students will be careful while seeing/meeting him.

    • if he is guilty, his face behind bars should be plastered on bill boards along with name, family connections and what he did!

    • Makes you an even bigger sleazeball. Intellectually challenged individuals like yourself should try and keep a zip on it when you’re unaware of the technicalities and the situation. So ya. Try to see if you’re even familiar with the context before trying to appear all pseudo-liberal.

      • If you don't know the facts don't presume. Theres more to this. The girl's allegations are not true.

  2. It's unbelievable ! I guess one should probe further into this matter . It would bring very bad omen not only to the institution but also to the profession as well. Federal Ombudsman is not apolitical person / just saying / worth pondering .

  3. So disgusted with the article. It was poor judgement to have touched a student's shoulder,and he has been disciplined for it, but for PT to write such an article seems motivated by politics not good journalism.

    • Nazish ! u might be comfortable if your teacher touches you with any intention but everyone girl has differnt approach and they dont like if any " NA MEHRAM" touches them. remember, teacher has a great respect but even one teaches you then u can't call him mehram even where it is mentioned that Mehram can touch…common, be liberal but be muslim as well.

  4. I do not believe there is ANY truth to the girl's allegations at all. Highly irresponsible to post his picture and I too believe this is motivated by other factors. Extremely poor journalism.

  5. You people do not understand the actual fact if they put his picture here in media its good and honeslty speaking these kind of things will bring the change as you guyz are waiting and waiting for the change so now try and focus that the change is here
    be positive

    • Really….and did you know he is Syed Baber Ali's (the founder of LUMS) nephew? Theres something not right about this.

      • We should be able to keep his relationships with influential people out of this. If he were punished for a crime despite being related to someone powerful, that's great. Unless you're saying his relationship with babar ali suggests there may have been foul play..

    • No, he didn't. Get your facts right. The incident took place inside the LUMS Law Department, just outside Abid Imam's office. 3 other students where standing nearby, as well. And you can't just rip someone's shirt open, unless you were a professional wrestler. And I highly doubt you're a fellow Luminite.

    • Wish I could see you in LUMS because what you are saying is insane. Even its true which is extremely unlikely then nobody needs to create unnecessary sensual scenarios by posting a phtot.

    • Not a single sensible person would like such kind of change where cost of playing with esteem of a person is just to have a media outlet or access to it.

    • Abid Imam would never do that. We, who know him personally know him better than you, I would question the girls motives instead.

  6. i know this man, he is the son of Fakhar Imam and Abida Hussain big land lord of Jhang and Khanewal district. he was married to daughter of Sir Anwar Parvez, but then divorced. His father has been Speaker of national Assembly and her mother has been appointed as ambassador in USA.

  7. What a pathetic attempt by a woman to bring down a man who I know personally has utmost respect for women. This whole thing stinks of foul play and as a journalist shame on you for posting a pic and not investigating this properly and finding out how wrong the girls story is! And the ombudsman?? Now we have an ombudsman all of a sudden??!! Give me a break and focus on the fact that this is bs and now lums has lost a phenomenal teacher!!! Sad and pathetic day for journalism when stories are reported for sensationalism and the truth is left very far behind to sell a paper!

    • If this thing happens in the west, your friend must sent to jail by now. Wake up Pakistan. Here in the west, Police trust the female victim statement and male teacher/prof is sent to home on forced leave until the case is decided.

  8. Firstly this is unfair. Even when there are committed rapist pics

    Are not put up. In this case poor student just touched a shoulder of a student. Likely in an elderly way. Have be become such a society that everything we do or say can be blasphemy or harassment. Yet those that actually rape and do evil things go unpunished?

  9. Really saddened by the verdict and the way PT has defamed this young fellow by posting his pic and defaming his well reputed family. Shame on you PT. Now I understand why hawkers dont sell your dirty newspaper.

  10. i am damn sure Abid Imam is not guilty he is very much well mannered but his problem is he spent a lot of time abroad and because of it some time he do such foolish things like offering a hand shake to girls or tapping their shoulder but for this i the penalty he is paying is not good and i am shocked to see that a girl of LUMS filed this appeal come on is this the same LUMS which i visited month ago and girls over their were like western girls i saw alot that day but this is not a place to say that

  11. I second @sharmeela and maroof whats the point of putting a picture, telling the world that hes a bloody rapper?? That what i hate about these bloody media they first tell everyone that xyz is criminal without any legal evidence and verdict.

  12. What the hell is wrong with Pakistan Today?
    Is touching the shoulder of a student "Sexual Harassment"?
    I do it every now and then. Do a story on me.
    Shame on this pathetic approach by a leading newspaper.

  13. I've studied with the girl who has brought the allegations and studied under Abid Imam, as well. I will just say two words: Pathetic journalism.

      • Nope. Both sides in this conflict are "liberal". They have personal grudges against one another for various reasons and unfortunately, tend to drag the students into their personal conflicts as well.

  14. Very poor journalism. Courageous when the subject is innocent and cowardly when the subject is guilty.

  15. As I said, it was poor judgement on his part to have touched her (even though it was clear that the touch was not sexually motivated). It was inappropriate and because of that he faced a disciplinary committee inquiry. But for PT to publish this article naming and shaming him as if he were a rapist is completely disproportionate.

    • There is nothing wrong with touching someone on the shoulder!! What is wrong with us people!? You keep on insisting that it was wrong to touch her arm. That is so odd.

  16. Isn't unwanted touching sexual harassment? And he didn't just "touch" he unzipped a zipper on her shoulder…. So why the outrage by some readers on the correct decision by the ombudsman & the article? The so-called "liberals" conveniently forget their support for women when a member of their elite club is involved: like the great "champion" of women's right, Asma Jehangir, who chose to defend Abid rather than the girl who got harassed in this case

    • I think your main vengeance against him is that he happens to be a part of an influential family. Grow up and get out of your petty, stereotypical thinking that this 'ameer ma baap ki bigri hui aulaad' needs to be taught a lesson. I think you've been watching a lot of bollywood movies that brings about this pathetic thinking. No 'liberals' are against the rights of women but its these blind followers like you who would naturally side against a man coz thats how narrow minded you are. Even the feminists that you mention purport equality of rights, and not giving undue advantage to women, like you morons think. In this case, mere tapping of a students shoulder at max could be termed as inappropriate conduct, but falls nowhere near sexual harassment esp in a corridor with other people present. The outrage is at your mentality which automatically victimizes the girl, tarnishing the reputation of a man in pathetic ways like publishing his picture. Get a perspective, Mr Azam.

  17. @Nazish, I am confused as to whose side you're on. There is nothing wrong with tapping a students shoulder. That is all he did. Oh my goodness why do people have so much time!

  18. Abid has been a personal friend for over 30 years so without giving my personal opinions on the facts of the matter all I can say is that I find it shameful that individuals who have no direct proof are commenting and running a FB court on an issue so sensitive and damaging to an individual’s reputation. Shame on PT for publishing this article.

    • Naveed, you are trying to pass a judgment in favor of "personal friend for over 30 years".

      PT has published the news of judgment of Ombudsperson, who has already reviewed the case from every aspect before finalizing her judgment.

      Your "personal friend for over 30 years" can file an appeal with the President of Pakistan, and coming from a feudal background he can influence anyone but not the independent courts & independent judiciary.

      • The girl in question was encouraged by another professor to take it further even though it was a closed issue at LUMS. And btw she started wearing a hijab the very next day! Something is not right here.

  19. This is what Osama Siddique has to say about the matter:

    " Let me bring the speculation and idle threats to an end. Abid Hussain Imam was the faculty member accused of sexual harassment. I have seen the evidence and the video. He was standing in a corridor in front of his office when a group of students stopped by and he spoke to them. During this he touched the shoulder of one of the students – who historically wore a hijab and dressed differently but was wearing something very different and her appeance was altogether altered. In his statement he said that the shoulder of the dress had these small zippers and when he inadvertently touched it while commenting on it it got pulled. There was no question of any exposure but he immediately realized his stupid mistake and apologized to the student. The students lingered on for a while and then walked away – there was no fleeing from a molester. He kept standing there. Some other students came over. Another faculty member walked out of his room and another conversation started. Then the video comes to an end. The concerned faculty member realized that he had done something very stupid and thereafter reported the matter to the HoD and also offered to apologize again to the student. The VC intervened and agreed with this course of action. That seemed to be the end of the matter. contd..

  20. contd…Some day I will share the number and pedigree of the top faculty that has left LUMS in the last five years alone. Tragic because its not the Seths but great teachers and students that built this place – even if the Seths and their minions get all the limelight – and thus we still care for it as a place that one believed in and above all as a place that will keep its standards and help the rest of the country. so rejoice everyone for now you have another mediocre university in a mediocre country – spread the word and let's all wallow in our collective inability to create and sustain anything of value. SHAME ON ALL OF US – Pathetic specimens that we are"

  21. shehzad ghias' reply:
    An open letter to Osama Siddique
    Sir, did you learn to be an apologist for misogyny at Oxford or Harvard?

    Sir, you have a B.A. from GC, a M.B.A. from LUMS, a B.A. and M.A. from Oxford and a L.L.M. from Harvard. As an aspiring legal scholar, the way your interweave theory and primary research in your research paper on the Blasphemy laws in Pakistan is a personal inspiration for me. However, your response to the news breaking out of the Federal Ombudsman directing the Lahore University of Management Sciences to remove a professor for sexual harassment has made me lose all respect for you, both, as a person and as a scholar.

    You served as the head of the department, the same department you are so keen to flagrantly censure, for several years. You should have at least taken some time out to think before posting such an emotional personal response to the incident on a public forum. Looking at you using the unfortunate situation as a springboard to further, and somehow potentially legitimize, your personal opinions reeks of desperation.

    You have a every right to look to settle any scores you may have with other people in the department. Your time as the head of the department is one of the primary reasons for creating, and furthering, the political divisions in the department, you so freely criticize. However, by seeking to do so in light of the sexual harassment case substantiates the gender hierarchy in Pakistan.

    It may not be your intention but surely a man of your stature must know that by standing against a cause, for whatever reasons, hurts the cause, especially when the person is a well respected member of society.

    People look to you as the voice of reason but anyone digging deeper than the beauty of your language, the magnificence of your past achievements and the authority with which you write, will surely find your arguments devoid of any logic or sense; they read more like the ramblings of an old bitter man.

  22. contd..
    You attempt to belittle the incident with your choice of words. Arguing that the professor 'inadvertently' touched the zipper and it 'got pulled', suggesting a lack of any agency on the part of the perpetrator.

    As a legal expert, sir, I implore you to answer the question whether any bodily contact with another person without their consent can potentially constitute to be an act of sexual assault or not?

    Is it not then irrelevant whether it was the intention of the person for the contact to be of a 'sexual' nature or not?

    You go on to mention that the girl historically wore a Hijab but on this day her appearance was altered, you are not contextualizing the situation for the reader but using an unnecessary detail to tacitly criticize the world view of another person.

    Why mention the detail sir? Is it to suggest that if it was a girl with more liberal leanings,such as yours, she would have been more comfortable with her professor 'inadvertently pulling a zipper from her shoulder'. Is your argument then at its very core simply a highly educated version of 'she was asking for it.'

    You also mention that there was no exposure. Sir, how do you define exposure? I conjecture that you mean that there was no exposure of skin. Are you playing to the the public sensibilities of the gallery by saying that? Clearly, as a master of law, you know the detail is completely irrelevant to the question of sexual assault.

    You then paint a picture of serenity with students lingering on without reacting. I believe your words as 'there was no fleeing from a molestor', your absolutist opinions are frightening. Sir, how many times do you see women in the market places fleeing from all the people 'inadvertently' touching them, or deciding not to react to their cat calls.

    By suggesting the victim's reaction is the benchmark, you are legitimizing the misogynist hegemonic structure of society. I cannot fathom how any legal mind could argue silence to be acceptance, or worse, consent.

    It is because of people like you that women do not react to harassment. By publicly engaging in victim shaming, you are showing that you are the same man as the one killing in the name of honour. You both perpetuate the same gendered and hegemonic structures that force the women do suffer rather than speak out.

    When I served in the LUM STudent Council, multiple girls complained about sexual harassment but were afraid to speak out. Reading the opinion of a former head of department, I now understand why. They have merely internalized the opinions perpetuated by people at the upper echelons of society. People like you.

    Sir, I could also claim that you have a vested interest in looking to protect any principled stance against intimate relationships in the work place. However, I will resist the temptation to stoop down to your level and make it personal. Let us just leave it at saying a man educated abroad must be aware that any relationships in an educational environment between a person in a senior position with a sub-ordinate,whether student or staff, or any other person he/she enjoys influence over is potentially a crime. Worthy of at least termination from the job.

    If you have time to get down from your high horse, and actually did some research rather than watching one video. You will realize the level of sexual harassment at LUMS, by being so dismissive of this case, you are telling each and every girl facing that to shut up. To become more liberal, or at least engage in behaviour you think to be liberal, even if that impedes on another person's liberty.

    The perpetrator apologized so that should have been the end of the matter,according to you. Sir, have you been so blinded by the need for personal vengeance that you have forgotten the basic tenants of any legal structure? Does an apology absolve a person for their act?

    You had the audacity to mention that the girl had a history of 'emotionally disturbed behaviour'. How dare you sir, how dare you. If you are privy to the personal lives of students as the head of department, you have no right to pass judgments on them on a public forum. I do not even know what you mean by that by watching you to stoop down to mudslinging is frankly disappointing.

    Sir, how are the departments of the politics of this department relevant to this case? You make it seem like another faculty member conspired with the student to orchestrate the act. You criticize the committee for going beyond the matter, yet you do the same.

    You are trying to clutch at any straws you find, if you genuinely believe that Abid Hussain Imam was discriminated against for being Shia then please bring forth the evidence.

  23. contd..
    However, that would be a separate case against the disciplinary committee, all the has nothing to do with the sexual attack.yet you continue to use this to undermine the original incident.

    Sir you write, "the video showed how brief the encounter was, how brief the action, how immediate the apology and how public the place." Please enlighten me which of those mitigates an incident of sexual assault? At no point you actually argue what constitutes a sexual assault, you merely try to paint how casual the interaction was. Do you not realize how problematic it is if we understand your arguments to be principles?

    Your maxim is, "Brief encounters in public places , where the victim does not react immediately should be dismissed as nothing." It may sound ironic coming from another man but you are simply displaying the traditional male mentality.

    You are shifting the conversation from what women find offensive to what women should find offensive. Such arbitrariness is the enemy of any law, and severely detrimental to the cause of women.

    Sir, how does the fact he resigned demean the ruling of Federal Ombusman? Having instigated cases against other faculty members during your time at LUMS, surely you know the connotations of being asked to leave, as opposed to voluntarily resigning?

    You claim the accuser, as you call her, should have been satisfied at the resignation. You even applaud Abid Hussain Imam for not using his family contacts. All I want to know is, did you at any point think that maybe all your personal biases make you the worst person to comment on the matter? Did you think that maybe like a good judge, you should have withheld your opinion on the grounds of those personal biases?

    I ask you this, and I write to to you because I still have hope in you. You are an intellectual, surely you have teh ability to put your hand up and admit when you are wrong.

    Unlike you, I cannot assume intentions, so I will fal short of claiming you are a misogynist but your words read like an apology for a misogynistic structure. They are extremely harmful to anyone fighting against sexual harassment.

    I hope the next time you offer your opinion publicly, you will consider what your students will think of it after reading it. You have the ability to sway opinions, do not abuse that power for personal gains.

    You end your post by saying 'Shame on us', I hope you start with the man you see in the mirror.

  24. This nation can't flourish when there is such court system and federal ombudsperson., Abid Hussain Imam was my instructor and faculty adviser. He is a great personality. whats wrong with tapping a student's shoulder when u r getting frank with instructor too. That student should get a life!! i wish i could slap her….

  25. There were all types of harassment at LUMS when I was there. In the Law Department, there were two professors who had an adulterous affair with each other. At another point male faculty hired a model just because of her looks. But the worst was the Social Sciences department, especially Anthropology professors. Every type of harassment. They especially picked on girls who wore hijab or dupatta. Exactly as my colleague writes above, these poor girls never reported it. I wonder would Asma Jehangir and Hina Jilani come to the rescue of the religious girls harrassed by their secular friends?

    • A couple of things:

      1. You have to look at this case on it's own account and not assume that JUST because there have been real incidents of harassment, this too must be a real one. That's like saying that all pakistani's are rapists are suicide bombers.
      2. Having an affair is not the same as sexual harassment. Know the difference!

  26. Brothers and Sisters > indeed no one has the right to exploit others by showing their face to all. And how come all you with so conviction saying it’s good or we should have done this and that… Are you aware of the reality ? No!!!

    Let it be a matter between him and Allah Subhana wa ta’ala.

    Please try to not unfold others mistakes or wrong doings ( if really any). As Allah Subhana wa ta’ala will cover your mistakes and bad deeds if that’s what you have not. JazakAllah Khair for understand and May Allah Azza wa jal bless all Muslim ummah.

    • He is not merely "accused." He has been investigated and found guilty by a Federal Ombudsman and a penalty has been passed by the Government Officer that he should not be allowed to teach at LUMS. So the question here is: It is ethical to post a picture of someone accused, investigated, found guilty, and sentenced? I don't think there is always a clear answer. Surely we do see the pictures of many criminals in many newspapers. At the same time, I do feel bad for Abid. So many rapists remain hidden and he has been highlighted so prominently. I would suggest, since he may be your friend, that you request him to repent truly and move on.

  27. I am surprised at the audacity of editorial staff of PT to publish such a news item. It proves that the Owner/ EiC has given independence to the editorial staff.

    I am also surprised to read the comments when various pseudointellectuals are giving their own verdicts without even understanding the fact that PT has reported the judgment of Ombudsperson,who has already reviewed the case from every angle before giving the judgment on such sensitive matter.

  28. i remember that i know this man, he is the son of Fakhar Imam and Abida Hussain big land lord of Jhang and Khanewal district. he was married to daughter of Sir Anwar Parvez, but then divorced. His father has been Speaker of national Assembly and her mother has been appointed as ambassador in USA. but what can i say NO comments 🙂

  29. When you read the comments and see the details, it is amazing. The Law Dept appears to be a cesspool of politics. For a long time LUMS' academic departments have been plagued with such infighting that it cripples them. The Humanities and Social Sciences Dept has had the same Head/Chair for 7 years, who is known for his opposition to anyone who does not follow his secular atheist ideology. There is no transparency or governance process in the selection and appointment of HoDs and Deans. And because of that, there is no solid academic leadership. The recent Deans have been Pakistani economists who retired from World Bank/IMF at middle-level positions and all the time they only miss their American life and alcohol. They have no academic experience and cannot administer an Academic school. But they get along well with the equally American Syed Babar Ali. Things were better before when there were academic Professors with lots of experience made into Deans.

    • LUMS has serious problem when come to finding leadership it LUMS. Truly wonderful people do not want to come to LUMS and and those do come, find it a bag full of problems. It takes a long time to find somebody, interviews, search committee meetings, but when he comes to LUMS he finds he has has to deal with Industrialist on one side, a very difficult to handle faculty on the other side, and quite a number of students and their parents who think LUMS is a party university. There are NOPs, most of them are socially unfit for LUMS, they are silence witness to drama they watch performed by rich students with sate of the art mobiles and coed functions, — two worlds apart, taking their frustration out. Anyway, a VC's job is not easy, as LUMS has grown from 200 students 10 years back to 2000 students per year, LUMS has become a very difficult managerial problem. Slowly LUMS is becoming more like a government university. Oh Well — sigh everybody.

  30. Abid Imam would be the last person to sexually harass anyone. he is an open and frank person. his stance against some bigoted professors who got rid of pervez hoodboy did not make him popular. these professors have tried to frame him. unfortunately, we have a strange phenomenon is our universities. the professors who are supposed to be highly educated and literate are closet extremists. and abid imam has earned their wrath for supporting secular pervez hoodboy who debunks these professors who have beards in their stomach.

  31. Loo yeh hu rha ha LUMS may IZZAAT MAHFOOZ NAHI HA LARKION ki parents should take off their children from LUMS is sa acha tu local universities hain kam sa kaam IZZATAIN tu mahfooz hain in ki

  32. SEXUAL HARRASMENT IN UNIVERSITY PATHETIC kill this teacher or ask for Capital punsihment so that This kind of teachers should avoid . Teachers are disguise of parents and they are touching and haraasing their students (own CHildren) very shame on LUMS no policy on his . SHAME SHAME LUMS SHAME

  33. someone who is brought up in a high society would not want to touch a girl where he works, the touching of shoulder does not mean sexually harrassing, case can be fruter investigated and should be closed rather than putting up pictures. shame.

  34. the editor of PT is either ignorant, too emotional or has already made up his mind if this guy is guilty. for gods sake take down his photo! and for what ?? its still an allegation

  35. We have to reign in this kind of journalism. They should atleast learn how to report such kind of events.

  36. He looks like a criminal Wadera. He must have some additional genes of Chaudhary terror from his Mom.

  37. again and as always (happened in our glorious country) truth is buried beneath these huge differential and controversial versions & comments!!!!

  38. This case is one of many such cases which have not been reported in the press. When there is free interaction between the two genders such things will certaintly happen.

  39. LUMS has serious problem when come to finding leadership it LUMS. Truly wonderful people do not want to come to LUMS and and those do come, find it a bag full of problems. It takes a long time to find somebody, interviews, search committee meetings, but when he comes to LUMS he finds he has has to deal with Industrialist on one side, a very difficult to handle faculty on the other side, and quite a number of students and their parents who think LUMS is a party university. There are NOPs, most of them are socially unfit for LUMS, they are silence witness to drama they watch performed by rich students with sate of the art mobiles and coed functions, — two worlds apart, taking their frustration out. Anyway, a VC's job is not easy, as LUMS has grown from 200 students 10 years back to 2000 students per year, LUMS has become a very difficult managerial problem. Slowly LUMS is becoming more like a government university. Oh Well — sigh everybody.

  40. Looks like a sadist from picture. Maybe he spends a lot of time watching porn on internet and chatting on adult chat sites. LUMS had lost it touch a long time ago, probably since 2000, when Musharraf and his cabal went on taking over every institution in Pakistan. Merit has suffered and nepotism + fraud has flourished in every institute of repute in Pakistan. They are just selling the name. Even Telenor banned LUMS graduates for 2 years for unethical behavior of LUMS grads in its organization. They are just spell bound on opening new faculties without proper faculty members and have almost come close to Punjab Group of Colleges in quality of education. Shame on them.

  41. Before giving any comments please read the judgement where Mr Imam has admitted his mistake in written.

  42. I'm glad his picture is up for the world to see. People such as this professor always think they're above the law and no one can touch them because they are the son or daughter of someone well-known. God knows how many other girls he tried with previous to this act but they were too scared or embarrassed to tell anyone.

  43. اليوم لقد اتيتكم بموقع رائع انا اعجبني شخصيا وهو يحتوي على باقة من العاب بنات جديدة ومتجدد دائما ولمن لا يعرف العاب بنات فهي العاب فلاش تلعب على المتصفح بدون تحميل وتلعب مباشرة والعاب البنات هي بدورها فيها عدة اصناف وهي العاب الماكياج وفي هذا النوع يجب وضع الماكياج للبنت الموجودة في اللعبة وهناك كتير منها ويوجد كذلك العاب طبخ وهذا الصنف عنده محبين اكتر من السابق بفارق كبير وهو المميز عند الجميع سواء كانو بناتا او اولادا وايضا الصغار يلعبون فيه كتيرا وهو الاكتر انتشارا في النت ومواقعه كتيرة ويوجد صنف آخر وهو اقل منه قليلا في الشهرة وهو صنف التلبيس هذا الصنف ايضا يعشقه كتير من البنات وعدد قليل من الاولاد وكل صنف من هذه الاصناف توجد به العاب خاصة بشخصية معينة مشهورة فمتلا باربي ستجدها في جميع هذه الاصناف متلا العاب تلبيس باربي او العاب طبخ باربي او العاب ماكياج باربي وهكذا وهناك شخصيات كتيرة في هذه الالعاب وهي الاكتر شهرة طبعا عن باقي الشخصيات الغير معروفة وهذا الموقع يقدم جميع هذه الاصناف التي تندرج تحت نوع العاب بنات فمرحبا بكم جميعا

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