Use of renewable energy sources stressed in Climate Change Sensitisation Workshop


The snow is fast melting and the world is running out of its water resources. The average temperature of the earth has increased in the past few decades due to higher concentrations of Greenhouse gases (GHG) in the atmosphere. “The whole world has shifted its focus on climate change due to the fact that its effects are hampering the everyday activities of humans across the world.”

This was said by one of the participants of the Climate Change Sensitisation workshop titled “Approaches to a Climate Sensitive Growth” organised by Individualland Pakistan in collaboration with Friedrich Naumann Foundation on September13 and 14. The workshop was focused on the discussion of causes and effects of climate change and the role of media in highlighting the issue.

Individualland Pakistan is a research based advocacy firm which is focused on good governance, rule of law, right to information, gender equity and conflict sensitive journalism etc.

Two short documentaries on the effects of climate change and renewable energy were also screened during the workshop. While addressing the participants, Punjab Assembly Member (MPA) Sardar Vickas Mokal shared the efforts of the government in promoting the use of renewable energy across the country. One of the participants was of the view that it is also our individual responsibility to change our lifestyles because climate change is a reality.

“In order to encourage citizens to adopt renewable energy resources to fulfill their energy needs, the government needs to subsidise the equipment, as it is quite expensive,” a participant added.

Participants of the workshop included journalists from Lahore, Multan, Muzaffargarh and Kot Addu. Sundas Syeda and Zulfiqar Haider moderated the event on behalf of Individualland Pakistan.